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    Default Unreasonable response time for 'escalated' help

    Running Gianthold Tor, the Keeper didn't spawn correctly. Instead of standing on the side platforms until all the giant skellies are killed first, he was up already. We killed him and continued on to get all 3 dragons, but no credit for the "Awaken the Gatekeeper" was possible even though "Slay the Gatekeeper" was checked.

    One party member put in a ticket which was escalated, then ended up dropping group about 20 min after we completed it. I then put in a ticket, and now an hour later still no response from the escalation. I know GMs can enter a quest and advance things when bugged, I've personally seen it done twice.

    Waiting an hour in a quest for advancement help is completely unacceptable however. I can't see how any customer service org would expect this to be tolerable.


    Ticket number: 479308
    First contact: Victuavial

    I asked for a customer service manager or other escalation contact and was ignored. I was never told my depth in the queue when I asked. Any request for any update after being told to wait for "the next available Senior GM" was ignored. I had heard Turbine was trying to improve their in-game service, but this is far worse than I'd seen in any past help requests so I'm more than a little disappointed.

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    Gotta use the words "blue", "flag", and "exploit" to get any attention nowadays.


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    Default Gonna have to log out...

    Well after 2 hours in the quest, most of that after it's been finished, I'm going to have to log out. So no xp, no advancement and customer service can say I wasn't there when they responded. Woohoo, thanks for nothing CS team!

    Really if you can't service requests that need to be handled in-quest in an hour or less, you might as well not even say escalation to senior GMs is an option.

    Of course that would mean the first level support team needed to be capable of triaging which tickets actually need the in-quest support, and from what I've observed today they likely aren't competent to.

    Now I expect this thread to be deleted, fully completing my poor experience...


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    Default the 'resolution'

    OK, so after exiting the quest, it turns out that my ticket was closed and I was sent mail. Now it should have been clear in the escalation that I was waiting in-quest, so couldn't check my mailbox. A simple tell would have kept me from waiting the last 45 minutes in frustration from the apparent lack of response. Obviously, they didn't want to listen to what my reply would have been to their stock "sorry we can't help you message".

    Which brings me to wondering what senior gms really do these days. They used to actually be able to help you with in-quest issues. Now they say "sorry we can't help you, run the quest again" to things I've seen them fix in the past. So we have first-tier support (the regular "GMs") who seem to only know how to cut a ticket, look at a KB, and escalate if it's not the most simple/obvious of questions. The so-called "Senior" GMs verify you have hit a bug but no longer actaully assist you with them if it's an in-quest issue. There seems to be no 3rd tier that can actually resolve anything.

    I know this used to happen, so I wonder what happened to this missing GM level? I've seen GMs come into Stormcleave and spawn the giant, come into Deleras and kill a wraith that ran away (that needed to be killed for the doors to open for continuance) and a couple of others. Now apparently, broken quests are just broken, you have no escalation or recourse. This decreased level of service is not making me a happy customer...

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    Default Sorry to hear that

    I know it can be frustrating....... Ive been in similiar situations and know what you must feel like.

    I really dont have any advice for you............ just try and calm down ...go take a walk.

    sometimes its a no win situation.

    Im not saying dont vent.... not at all. If you are unhappy, pursue a resolution, maybe you can help make a change that benefits us all.

    Just dont do it while angry. Angry people usually get dismissed as crazy, people with facts and well thought out complaints are tolerated for just a bit longer.

    Better luck next raid.

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    I hate to say it, but I have to agree with you. Things that I know I have seen GM's do in the past they just don't event seem to want to try anymore. Mind you sometimes completing the objective fixes the problem and sometimes it doesn't. But at least it would be nice to see someone actually TRY something instead of just saying it can't be fixed and tell you to submitt a bug report.

    What happened to the GMs that knew what they were doing? Why does it seem that every time a problem is submitted we always get the same generic responces that are oviously copied and pasted into the chat?

    This is not a good course of action for CS reps, and in the end you guys are just cutting your own throats. But who cares ehh, it's not like anyone seems to really expect this game to last much longer....

    I know my $180 USD a year doesn't pay any CSR's salary all by itself, but the more people have bad experiences like this in game the more you will start to see people leaving and canceling their subscriptions.

    I love this game and would like to see it have some longivity. You guys really have something special here (think about the millions people spend on D&D memorabilia a year) Some of that pie slice could be all yours for many years to come, but I guarantee you that it won't happen if things continue on the path they are on now.

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