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Thread: First Vorpal

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    Default First Vorpal

    I know this won't mean much to a lot of people, but I have been playing since the game came out and this is the first vorpal I have pulled. I thought it was kind of note worthy.

    +3 Vorpal Scimitar of backstab (+1) lvl14 rr human

    As this is no ordinary vorpal, I was wondering, what are the absolute best weapons being pulled out there, because this would seem to be one of them.

    Happy hunting

    PS Pulled it out of an eilte Litany of the Dead run.

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    Schroe, that's a nice one! Given a race required: for -2 to the ml:, you can get +9 property weapons. So, I'd like to know more of the +9 weapons people have found!
    A guildie pulled a +4 Seeker(+8) Greataxe of Pure Good, rr: Human, ml:14.

    What are some of your +9 pulls? (not counting magic boosting scepters that have bugged, high + values. Sorry. )

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    The best example I have is a +1 Vorpal Silver Khopesh of Maiming, no RR, IRMC.

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    +4 true chaos cold iron rapier of greater undead bane, ml 12, rr elf/drow that I got off of the AH for dirt cheap. Too bad is was right after they introduced the Giant Hold stuff.

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