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    Favorite of all time: Xorian Cipher, good quest, challenging at the level it's introduced, makes sure everyone is a team player, and good named loot.

    Least favorite: Dreams of Insanity. I mean, honestly now.
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    My least favorites include:

    Faithful Departed: The mission with the Elf mummies you have to protect as they run into fireballs. I have spent uncounted hours getting to the final room, and even the final mob when the last mummie gets totasted in the crossfire. Deffinitely more frustration than fun and one that keeps me from having completed elite on this one and will forever more.

    Sewer missions: I mean really, the path to fame and glory and riches are found in the sewage? I mean even a Paladin fighting for all that LG alignment is going to give someone who asks them to fight rats in a sewer a sour look.

    Necropolis: Does anyone really die in ddo or is this where all the neophyte clerics send their failed Rez checks? Granted they provide good stories but I seriously think this town should just have a law stating anything larger than a tombstone should have the interior doused with alchemists fire every week, for sanitation purposes.

    Against the demon Queen: I like the idea on it and it's fun, but man facing her twice and the low amount of shrining means people running back out and clearing the outside shrine to make it through. It tends to take way too long to complete this quest for what it gives (OOOH! I got and underwater action necklace with +1 Charisma) in loot and necessity to complete the series.

    CO6: The look of the final temple gave me chills the first time I went there, the door reminded me of living walls (1st and 2nd edition style d&d), and the gorgeous sunset was superb.

    Stormcleave: This one has had more of my attention than any other 5 quests combined. It is a good deal of XP and loot for a good deal of time and enjoyable to face in my opinion. Challenging to get the full kill bonus on, but not impossible.
    Jungles of Kyber: Beautiful scenery again, and the marut pacing you outside the stalagmites is a great touch!

    The Chamber of Raiyum: Randomly placed traps? EXCELLENT! Easy (raiyum killed first) or hard (kill all three) way to accomplish it= great. Loot is great and experience is good. Takes a bit long but reminds me of the PnP style where it would take time to get through it.

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    Least favorite by far:

    Faithful Departed

    Followed closely by:

    And the Dead Shall Rise
    Archer Point Defense


    Stormcleave Outpost
    Irestone Inlet
    Relics of a Sovereign Past
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    Most Hated:
    Any of the Shadow Tombs
    The Desert Quests
    VONS 1-4 (haven't done the raid yet cause I don't want to run these again)
    Actually anything undead with the exception of Delera's
    Oh, and anything with Beholders

    Absolutely despise the Catacombs.
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    Favorites: link

    Least favorite: The Pit, that LotD underwater quest, anything that is "tedious until you learn the trick then it is boring"

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    Favorite-Too many to name, XC & Threnal's are fun!!

    Least- Pit, Desert Quests (HELP!!! I'M DESPAIRED!!!), VON 6 (Go stand there, stop, wait, now go stand there, stop wait, now wait some more!!!) & the quest where you have to feed the rats and get them to step on the pressure plates UGH!!!!!! (Fleshmaker's Lab I think although I am trying to forget the quest)
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    Hmmm, favorite quests:

    - Wizard king elite. A quest that can take 2+ hours and a few wipes for noobs or 27 minutes with skill to complete it all including all the numerous chests? Sign me up. Just wish it still delivered the best loot possible, since now people usually only want to get the item

    - The desert in general. I love the desert and the various runs you can do there. (Can't stand giant hold general area, it seems completely pointless. No really fancy named items, and on top of it you lock the chests.. requiring an int 34 wizard to roll a 19 to knock it ... yeah ok. Pass.)

    - Titan (the actual battle, I don't like the pre-run to it at all, just too long)

    - Von5 Nice fun quest, about as long as I'd like a preraid to be. (I dislike von6 a lot, love the graphics, but the base running really kind of sucks, and the actual fight is so unfair, specially to squishies, that unless you try to stand where she won't hit you too often you're dead within seconds, whereas common sense should allow you to range her with spells, and wind buffets should just smack you to the ground for a few seconds, not kick you off the quest, and her dispels should be limited to stripping all the spells you don't self cast on yourself) [ Also, I really wanted to hear a sultry female voice for velah =) ]

    Kinda like:

    - The pit: Since the changes in exp and such it's a lot better, and I'm very good at the jumps, so I never hated it, indeed I soloed it a lot at the beginning to make a nice map. But honestly, the constant spawns in several of the rooms are just a bit too much, as are the unavoidable force traps you yourself turn on. If the traps were optional when you complete them, and stopped all spawns if you do activate them first, then that would at least make sense, and improve the quest significantly.

    - DQ Raid, but so many prereqs each time really put a damper on it, specially since they never become 'easy', chains of flame is lengthy no matter what, and blood offering is annoying, at best, no matter what.

    - Reaver: Giants with deathward .. ok.. would you please change flesh to stone to kill them like it should? mmokaythanksbye. Otherwise I like it.

    - Tempest Spine Elite. I liked it a lot more when the drow had good AC so it was at least a bit of a challenge, but ehh, it's still a nice fun raid to go smack stuff around. At least the green giant is no longer pathetic, but wind buffets that kick you of the quest are **BAD** even if in this case you can run back (provided someone is nice enough to try to find you, and help you get past the int rune, and the buncha critters running around at the base, and I get tired of usually being the only one nice enough to do that. Hmph) Make the bloody winds just knock you down or slam you down against the floor, unable to move for a few seconds instead.


    - von2 unless I'm soloing it, or at most, duoing it, then I actually like it. (Unless it's a VERY good friend of mine, I'll just solo it and stop the aggravation)

    - proof is in the poison. This is a min lvl 8-9 quest, and a hard one at that level. Whomever thought this qualifies as a lvl 4 quest has issues. The lack of a decent reward just adds further insult to the injury that is this quest.

    - catacombs: I *love* the story. Unfortunately the extremely low level of the quest, lack of experience, length of the quest overall, ease with which 1 or more people will screw up the continuity making you redo X, and crappy bound end rewards make it a quest to be avoided. Bump it in level and exp to around tangleroot, with similar end rewards, possibly 1 or 2 non bound neat ones a la STK, and now you're talking.

    - The endless tower quest with the lich at the top, whose name (and existance) I tried to exhume from my brain. What the heck where the designers thinking. Some sort of internal bet to see who could design the worst quest no doubt. Anyway, it gives a run for it's money to:

    - The shadow series of quests. Between the ones that split the party up, the endless spawns ones, and the lovely underwater swim, it's hard to determine which one wins the bet...

    - Dreams of Insanity. Strong contender for the bet. Nothing like spawning creatures behind you all the time (which is cheesy as heck and gets VERY old after the first time), endless beholders which you need to cheese out with a feeblemind to stop more from spawning, constant dispels, etc to make this a particularly bothersome quest.

    - Crucible: Evasion nearly required tough swim + fight, AND a large labyrinth. And a damn hard to get to chest almost everyone never bothers to get. All of those elements in 3 separate quests are ok. All in one quest, make it a nuisance. Only redeeming factor is the potential for good loot.

    - Abbot raid: I'm sorry but trying to fill the prereqs for this it's too much of a pain to even bother with it. And then the raid itself is also a pain, so... why bother. Hopefully the next raid will be worth doing.
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    Kargon love the pit, where kargon go for monthamally Black Puddaming bath.

    Kargon hate the newbie quemest where Sigmund FORCES A SMOKE CURE HAM INTO KARGON BACKMAPACK!!!!


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    Hate = THE PIT (I will not go in there ever again...I get lost and the force traps cannot be countered by a spell)

    I like = STK (3 chained instances, look similiar so you know you are still in the same big place, offers everything = side quest- the helm, traps, secret doors, puzzles, mini-bosses.. good stuff. I would like to see a 7 chained instanced quest that follows this model..... only when you get to the bottom, there is a dragon or something really terrible)

    for the same reasons I like the VONS 1-5 but I chose STK because its not spread all over the place in such a way that its easy to make a mistake and not update your quest properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GORAK View Post
    Here's something different to ask...
    What are your favorite and least favorite (most hated) quests in the game?
    Favorite: Anything all ranger.

    Most Hated: Anything with a ranger hater.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorie View Post
    Pwesiela is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solmage View Post
    - Crucible: Evasion nearly required tough swim + fight, AND a large labyrinth. And a damn hard to get to chest almost everyone never bothers to get. All of those elements in 3 separate quests are ok. All in one quest, make it a nuisance. Only redeeming factor is the potential for good loot.
    Maybe you should bother with the last chest.

    And as you can see, I made the swim with my sorcerer. Evasion is NOT even nearly required. I could and would solo the Crucible with her if I didn't need people to flip the levers in the maze.
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    Dreams of insanity
    Proof is in the poison
    Freshen the Air

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    favorite quests

    the xorian cypher
    the crucible
    ghosts of perdition
    chains of flame
    chamber of raiyum
    bring me the head of Ghola-Fan!
    the pit
    the tear of dhakaan
    tomb of the shadow king

    quests i will never do again

    desert caravan
    faithful departed
    dreams of insanity
    inferno of the damned
    freshen the air
    bringing the light

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    one of my favorites is hearing Gygax in the delera cahin. that makes it special to me.

    least favorite might be prove your worth in 3BC

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    - Pit
    - Tear of Dhakaan
    - Delera chain
    - Shroud

    Non favourites:
    - Catacombs (too repetitive)
    - Tangleroot (even more repetitive)
    - CITW flagging quests (FR and drow specifically just don't do it for me)
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    Framework, ah the music , the minotaurs and you

    anything in the Vale
    Just awestruck, wether it be a Dragon flying overhead Stormreach, that glowing character who just zoomed in'n'out of the Pub, or that i can drink a Beholder under the table and best of all rescuing Damsels in distress.

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    5.5 year necro. It's a miracle! Oh well...

    Favourites: House C quests. (From a quest/enjoyment point of view.)
    Shadow Crypt - quite nice for a first timer... And amazing xp for everyone else

    Most disliked: I'm just going to go with Kobold Assault. Kill it with fire.
    Rest are fine, in one way or another. (Devil Assault offers tokens, so I can't hate that one)

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    Partycrashers - For all its fun opts. Love the way it ends differently according to what opts you have done. Requires a skilled toon to actually get to the special fun ending.
    Von2 - Its got a bit of everything..a tiny maze with 2 chests to find, nice mix of monsters, a few traps here and there, and it was fun to find the way around to the dungeon like a scavenger hunt till I had it memorized.
    FOT - Sooo many dragons in the same room is just awesome! It was really hilarious when it was just out, and people were still trying to figure out how to beat it. Loved the part where you'd get the countdown on the screen 1,2,3 BOOM (or something like that) and then the whole party would get wiped out lol.
    Shroud - is a very nicely designed raid with all the fun elements in itl, except that running it a gazillion times has made it monotonous for me.
    I'm sure there are a lot more, but this is what I have on top of my mind.

    Any quest where you need to babysit a moronic NPC (Archer's point, Therenal coyle ones, Sharn syndicate where you need to save the family, and any more similar ones) and/or has a silly fail condition (spiders vale quest, faithfully departed)
    Tedious re-flags with easy to fail final quest - Von6 & SOS. While fighting dragons = fun, its so not funny how quickly some parties get wiped while trying to reach the dragon. After spending all the time waiting for the raid group and then completing the very long pre-raid, it really ****es me off. I'd like SOS as well if it weren't for the idiotic reflag-to-run mechanism.
    Tomb of blighted/tomb of tormented - They are both not difficult, but need a lot of patience. While blighted is just boring and annoying, tormented in tooo tormenting to be enjoyable. If atleast the traps were disarm-able in part 3, it would be challenging in a good way, for now it just seems to be a test of a player's patience level.
    Any other that are repetitive/monotonous - Tangleroot. I mean running the same dungeon over n over n over 7 times! Really? I can never every imagine repeating this chain more on any toon, running it once is the equivalent of running a quest where you are trying to farm shinies.
    Prove your worth - Simply because I have never figured out how to jump on ladders on opposite wall. I do manage to do it once or twice, but I always fall off before I can reach the top. lol

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    I still love Waterworks and STK above anything. They're just so well built.

    Hate, Threnal babysitting, rest of it is good
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    my most favorite quest is by far :
    "Bring me the head of Ghola-Fan!"

    that one is classic. you have everything in it!!!"

    -trap \ melee test rooms.(used to bet my friends who clear them faster )
    - hot bath scene with unclothed muscular large "man" .
    -trapped stair way.
    -prison break.
    -skull pile.(searchable!)
    -a hidden treasure room behind a false one.
    -sleeping guards that can be awaken or not.
    -archers "death" path.
    -a Dojo fight scene (yea me against you and ALL your students! ).

    -as well as one of the BEST items for non caster to get a hold on :the Royal guard mask.
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