Howdy and welcome to the Dog House.

This is Codog's personal thread on the forums where you can come hang out and talk to Codog about combat, character classes, spells, and abilities in the game. I would like everyone to follow some simple guidelines when posting so that we can keep the thread constructive.
  • Please be respectful of others who are posting here. I'm not interested in reading long debates, arguments, or personal attacks on each other. These kinds of interactions waste time that could be spent evaluating somebody's ideas. If you see an idea you disagree with, post an alternate idea rather than debating its merit or defacing its originator.
  • Please be respectful to the development team in your posts. I consider the DDO team to be some of my best friends and it is very difficult to see the merit and creative genius of a post if I'm personally frustrated with its author. I understand that many of you are passionate ( and/or angry ) about the game and want to have your voices heard. The best way to convey messages to us is in the form of crisp factual posts.
  • I will be reading every post that is made on this thread. However, I do not have time to respond to every post or question on this thread. I will mostly be reading and responding to the thread on my own time so as to not impact my scheduled deliverables at work.
  • Feel free to bring up bugs/problems you have noticed. Keep in mind that my primary area of responsibility in the game is surrounding combat and character abilities. I won't be much help when it comes to content/quest issues. When reporting problems, I would very much appreciate relevent information to reproduce the problem. If it is location specific, please use the /location command and post the location and what quest you happened to be on at the time.
  • Small evolutionary change that can be completed in shorter stretches of time is more readily achieveable for us than large _revolutionary_ change. Revolutionary change can be rather destabilizing from an engineering and balance perspective.
  • Finally, please keep in mind that I am unable to disclose too much information about the future of this product. That job belongs to marketing. Quarion is hiding in the breakroom with a True Law Spork of Greater Codog Bane (sprinkled with soy sauce), poised to spork me if I miscommunicate our direction or purpose. From time to time, you will get some glimpses of what I'm currently working on through our conversations.
I feel very privileged to be a developer of this product. I feel that having a feedback mechanism from you, the customer, is valuable when we are making decisions. There have been many times that a forum post has been brought to a game systems meeting for discussion and debate. I'm very impressed with the maturity of this audience and moreso with your willingness to contribute your ideas about the game. I can speak for the team when I say that we all have a common goal here which is making the game better over time. Let's communicate and help each other do just that!

Best regards,