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    Default Looking for Guild on Thelanis

    Hello all,
    I am looking for a guild for my now level 6 cleric on Thelanis. He's average and I play 90% on weekends due to work. I was an avid EQ player (hold the boos) for 6 years and WoW player for 2 years. I am by no stretch of the imagination a power player, just a weekend warrior. One catch, I am unable to voice chat. I am deaf and that is a bit harder for people who group with me. I am looking for light hearted fun, no comitted play (i.e. 8PM or else) with an established guild.

    Thank you

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    Default I guess your leaving Ophele?

    hello haven't seen you for a while Based on this post i guess you are planing on leaveing Ophele?

    If that's the case hope to see you around.

    Good Luck
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