Welcome to the Achievement Forum!

In this forum, you will be able to gather together to discuss your in-game triumphs and accomplishments.
  • Beat a difficult quest or raid?
  • Reached level cap?
  • Achieved a character or guild milestone?
  • Celebrating the hard work of your fellow players?

Use the Achievement forum to spotlight your accomplishments!

All forum guidelines apply to posts within the Achievement forum which effectively means: be polite to one another.

Additionally, to clarify what behavior is not tolerated in relation to celebrating your accomplishments please reference the following samples of different types of posts:

Acceptable: I pulled my first vorpal!
Unacceptable: I pulled my first vorpal it's better than yours

Acceptable: At 12pm the InsertName Guild beat the Mod 6 raid! It was a hard fight and it took us 4 hours! Gratz to my fellow guildies, you rock!
Unacceptable: At 12pm the InsertName Guild beat the Mod 6 raid before all you other losers!...
Unacceptable: At 12pm the InsertName Guild beat the Mod 6 raid! Aren't we the best? Don't you wish you had skills like us? Gratz to my fellow guildies, you rock more than anyone else in the game!

Acceptable: I just reached level cap! Thanks to everyone who helped me!
Acceptable: First to hit 16!
Unacceptable: HA! I schooled all of you, First to hit 16!

Sample Original Post: My guildie beat the [raid boss]
Acceptable Discussion:
Player 1: What classes did you use?
Player 2: Gratz
Player 3: What loot dropped?
Player 4: We were trying but looks like you beat us. Gratz anyway.
Unacceptable Discussion:
Player 1: Nobody cares
Player 2: quit blowing your own horn
Player 3: This guild is a bad guild and you should avoid them
Player 4: My guild could do it faster than yours
Player 5: You cheated!

Sample Original Post: My guild beat the raid boss!
Sample Response: Gratz!
Sample Response: How did you beat it?
Acceptable OP Responses:
Original Poster: Thanks!
Original Poster: Well we got a healer and two rogues with high pick lock and...
Unacceptable OP Responses:
Original Poster: You're just jealous!!
Original Poster: Thanks newbs
Original Poster: Anybody who does this after me is a copy cat!
Original Poster: You could never beat us we're the best!

What all unacceptable examples have in common is: being disrespectful to your fellow community member. There is an old saying that applies best to situations like these which is: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Forum guidelines always refer back to the same principal which is that if you participate in the forum community you must treat each other with respect. We hope that this forum feature will enable players to celebrate together in a way that encourages "friendly" interaction.