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    Adro what does this thread have to do with how quickly we get more content added to the game? Nothing because Tolero is not a game programmer for Turbine, but in customer relations. One more programmer working on new content is not going to get it to you any faster and even if they replaced her with a game programmer then we would have 1 less person to relate information to us from the devs who nobody wants wasting programming time coming here to tell us what the CR people are supposed to be telling us.

    I love how when something like this thread over the new forum and the posting guidelines for it come up that everyone who already knew how basically how much longer we will have to wait for the next module and new content have a massive memory leak and suddenly because they don't agree with the decision that the devs are not working nearly fast enough on new content like they would not love to flood us with **** to do ASAP to shut us all up.

    Big deal they are making a forum, which btw is handled by other people who are also NOT game programmers so it is taking NOTHING away from the devs getting work done on more content as fast as possible. Yes the need for people to brag about accomplishments is silly and in spite of what most people believe bragging is not limited to the younger ( kids ) people playing DDO. Many so called mature adults do it and as silly as it seems it can still be done with style and class so it is not offensive and that is what the posting rules are for.

    Stockwizard5 even if you watch someone do something that is questionable to complete a quest or reach an in game goal if you can't speak against them by mentioning even in a round about way the exploit in question and not expect to get infraction points. So it was not that you disagreed with the poster bragging it was how you did it. Again just saying you disagree in the future is good enough because trying to convince others a bragger cheated is worse than them bragging about an accomplishment and claiming it is legit.

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    Ringlord ... Keep up the good work! Just hope you are getting paid.
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    Well, the Cube's posts are better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DZX View Post
    Can't help but feel like things are going downhill when we need specific rules on how to brag.
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    Default Something for the programmers to hate me about

    Actually I do believe that someone stating that they hit a certain level before anyone else is wrong, unless our already overworked programmers find it in their hearts to make a routine with specific parameters that flag something on characters, like a trophy screen or their accomplishments and/or who got it first. Now didn't the people in the test server hit level 16 anyway? So technically does anyone still have bragging rights about it? And the boss for mod 6? Lock Picking? I have KNOCK! HA!

    btw I do believe that if the moderators are not getting paid (no free play-time) doesn't count as payment, counts as torture... having to Moderate and wasting free time... oh my god the PAIN!!!!!!!!!! Then no one should be complaining about the Mod not popping in soon enough. What I will complain is why the graphics on my Tempest Spine run are seriously messed up!

    Oh and someone said **** above.... Think it was Ringlord, don't really check the forums often, I rather play... but that's just me. Now does that mean you get points for inferring and changing the characters in the lettering to hide a word, or do I get points for actually filling in the blanks? <grins>

    Yes the rules can be annoying... specially when you have to watch out what you are saying, who knows after this post maybe I'll get banned of the forums permanently... I never know if what I say is offensive or not... but I always try to say it for fun... does that mean that if people take me seriously they are wrong? what if a moderator gives me points? is it ok if I put my rants on html tag form using a <fun> </fun> or <4fun> </4fun> ? <notserious> </notserious>, would that help?

    Ok I'll stop being annoying... btw Gratz and my condolesense on becoming a target Tolero... err I mean a moderator. Yeah that's what I meant.

    BTW... before I leave... if the Trolls and Flamers have been banned... why do we still need rules? I thought that if you weeded out the bad, the good didn't have to worry... maybe it's just me, maybe it's just logical thinking... then again I was never too logical. ty

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    Thumbs up Hey

    Give thanks for this option and play nice with Am..err..Mer..err...Var..err..Tolero (yeah, that's it!)

    Sometimes we need to let off steam, and bragging about a personal accomplishment is one good way, as long as we do not insult others while doing it or insult others who did boast.

    And Tolero does not handle the phone or ingame cusdtomer support. She is the moderator of here. While she may have input, this is not her area of work for Turbine mainly or her specialty of giving us a protected (and yes restricted,) but actual place of expression for our wanting to whoop it up now called a Bragging Forum.

    Thank you Tolero for giving us this forum bragging rights option. Before, any bragging was cause for infraction, so we appreciate the good faith of this...while we patiently wait for Mod 6 which has nothing to do who moderates what in the forums.

    (Gasp, I'm not the poking at it with a stick person?....I have changed!)
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