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    Default DDO T-Shirt Slogans

    UPDATE 2 Feb 2009

    Keeping this one...did win a TOTW afterall.

    Got some DDO T-Shirt slogans for you all...

    "I did the Reaver on elite and all i got was this lousy +1 T-Shirt"
    "Dwarves have more fun"
    "I'm AFK"
    "My other outfit is +5 Mithral Full Plate"
    "I'm with the Kalashtar >>"
    "I am Durks best kept secret"
    "Looking for ham"
    "Ghallanda Premium you back your mojo since 1244"
    "DDO Tip #347 : Wait till the Beholder blinks"
    "I know i've got my ghost touch here somewhere...argggghh"
    "I'm Buffed!"
    "Dont let the D-Door hit you on the way out"

    Picture of Deathshade from Beyond the Grave with comment "Where did everyone go?" (Courtesy of CDG)

    Post em if you come up with any...

    UPDATE : 29 November 2007
    First of all thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread for making it Thread of the Week.

    In good news, Jerry and the crew from DDOCast have volunteered to decide on the best DDO T-Shirts in their top 10 segment so be sure to listen in to DDOCast to hear which ones they think are worthy top 10 Tee's. I'd say there is still at least a day or two before they start to sort through em so keep posting...

    You can find the excellent weekly podcast at

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