Level 15 dwarven ranger/1 Fighter "tank-DPS hybrid"

This build is based around the trend where the player base you usually sticks to 1 adventure area for most questing (especially when mod 6 will be the only level 16 content meaning best loot) If this build is lucky mod 6 will focus around few types of mobs (like litany is mainly undead) and thus you can get maximum effect from favored enemies

str 18 +4 levels +6 item +2 tome +2 Ram's Might = 32 (+11) - Depending on if Ram's might is 1min/level you could possibly use madstone boots as well for 36 str and 38 with rage potion if desired (though it would be clumsy at 6sec/level like haste)
dex 16 +6 item +1 tome +3 enhancement = 26 (+8)
con 10 +1 tome +1 enhancement +6 item = 18 (+4)
int 12 +1 tome = 13
wis 10 +1 tome +5 item = 16 (+3)
cha 6 = 6

1 Power Attack
3 Combat Expertise
6 Toughness
9 Improved Critical Slashing
12 Improved Critical Ranged
15 Iron Will
16 (F) Weapon focus: slashing (Fighter is taken at 16 so if your the lucky 1% to pull a +3 dex tome you will be able to pick up Superior Two Weapon Fighting... Tomes seem to be retroactive for feats...)

Pick up 1 rogue at 17 for max UMD and rest fighter for 15/4/1 giving you +8 damage against FE and +2 damage on slashing weapons +4 damage against FE via enhancements and hopefully 23 ranks in UMD (although 1 paladin may be more useful for +1 AC/saves and full BaB looking ahead to lvl 20, depending on how UMD pergresses as the levels increase although 2 paladin would be less then optimal with 6 cha obviously) A level of barbarian could also be interesting for -1/+1 on power attack for 1 ap, 10% speed boost, and a rage for boss fights (wow... this ranger could hit 42 str... 50 if you want to use bloodrage... and then at 20 you'll have +1 ftr str and another level up for 52 str?)

To-hit TWF (+5 DA, +5 Handaxe):
16 BaB
11-14 str
4 GH
2 axe attack
-2 TWF
-5 PA
1 WF
1 "Cicumstance" - +5 mithril breastplate end reward for litany has nightshield 1x/day (14 min) and +1 bonus to hit (dont remember what it is but I know it stacks)
5 weapon
1st swing
2nd swing
3rd swing
4th swing
5th swing

assuming my understanding of how TWF will work is correct (I saw a post about it somewhere but can not can find it to refresh my memory...) I thought it had said the 5th attack would bring a left and right hand swing and Superior Two Weapon Fighting would add another left handed swing on the 5th attack though I could very easily be wrong so dont quote me on it!

Damage Mainhand:
11-14 str
5 weapon
5 pa
1 axe damage
1d10 +22-25
1d10 +34-37 against favored enemies

Damage offhand
5-7 str
5 weapon
5 pa
1 axe damage
1d10 +16-18
1d10 +28-30 against favored enemies

bard buffs could make this insane! (in the area of +42/+35 damage and 9 attacks per round or 5d10 +210, and 4d6 +140 without taking crits into consideration...)

Bow to-hit:
16 BaB
8 dex
3 bow/arrow
4 GH
+31 not great but should work to pull mobs

Bow Damage (Silver bow):
11-14 str
3 bow/arrow
1d10 +14-17
1d10 +26-29 17-20/x3 with manyshot should be able to drop things quickly!

Sword and Board:
10 base
10 mithril breastplate
8 dex
7 shield
2 chaosgaurd
5 barkskin
5 CE
5 protection
53 w/ haste
57 w/ paladin nearby
59 w/ recitation
62 w/ chattering ring
66 against giants
So situationally and with raid loot could get it very high

skills are pretty much up to you I would go with jump, hide, move silently (for RP reasons for me atleast), balance, spot and thats pretty much all there is worth taking for a ranger atleast

F 12 base +4 con +4 gh +4 res = +24/+28 v. spells
R 9 base +8 dex +4 gh +4 res = +25/+29 v. spells
W 4 base +3 wis +4 gh +4 res +2 iron will = +17/+21 v. spells

020 heroic
120 ranger level
010 fighter level
064 con
018 toughness
050 dwarven toughness
030 GFL
010 GH favor

Enough for Barkskin/resists/Ram's Might/jump/a few protections when needed/wild instincts/freedom of movement on myself and to help out the party somewhat - definately more then a fighter or barb could in this department
(will level 15 rangers have 3 level 1 slots or 2?)

Just for kicks since it doesn't matter above 40... the jump skill!
19 ranks
11 str
30 "standing" jump
60 jump spell
64 GH
79 +15 item
81 luck head of good fortune
84 str increase
if only turbine would remove the cap or atleast raise it...

FE damage IV 10 10
Dwarven armor mastery I 2 12 (use daggertooth belt when tanking and +6 con belt when DPSing
Ranger Dex III 12 24
Dwarven Toughness IV 10 34
Axe attack II 6 40
Axe damage I 2 42
Spell defense II 3 45
I'm at a loss for what else to take... maybe favored attack, spring boost, item defense, confirm crit, jump? maybe you can squize out one of the "prestige classes" into the build but I doubt it, I know tempest wont fit...

obviously the build is subsequent to change depending on how things are implemented but I've tried assuming only things we know about

Any improvements you ranger experts see would be awesome!