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    Default Solo Warforged Build help

    I just returned to the game and do not know any of the dungeons. I like to take my time and not zerg a dungeon. Since everyone else around is on their 100th alt. They want to finish the dungeon, get the exp, item, and start again or move on.

    So, I looked for solo'able builds and found an elf rogue1/paladin3/ranger10 (I am really enjoying the rogue aspect so I may go more there).

    It is a dex build and archer build (and with the extreme fixes for bows coming in Mod6, it should work pretty well).

    What I am asking is is there a good Solo build for warforged race multiclass character. It has to have rogue abilities. Can ignore healing for repair since it will not group with a healer.

    Perhaps part wizard for healing and spells
    Part rogue.
    Part melee class?

    or a rogue/wiz

    I Need some advice

    Also, what is a docent? I got one from the level 1 starter quest and it did not add to my armor or anything I could tell, just changed my body color and plating.

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    You got a plain docent, and as you noticed, they add nothing except for changing your appearance.

    There are however plenty of docents with enhancements on them. Up to +5 for ac to increase the bonus on your body type, and all the other enhancements you can find on armor and robes (elemental resistance, fearsome, fortification, etc...)

    In addition to that, all docents grant the warforged wearing them the ability to speak giant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghoste View Post
    In addition to that, all docents grant the warforged wearing them the ability to speak giant.
    Would that be a "The Dreaming Dark" reference?
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