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Popularity contest. We didn't even need to vote if Turbine was going to pick their favorite anyway.
The votes should not have been public and Turbine should not have made it look like our votes didn't matter in the end.

Good idea, bad implementation. See this in a lot of things around here.
Agreed. Read all of them, some seemed to be just lists, others very nice guides. That being said most players don't care about the lore. Sorry sad but true. The rogue, (blah thief) guide was a very good guide if you want to play a rogue. But why do you think the players voted for the complete quest guide...because it benefited everyone who plays the game.

Shouldn't have posted the vote totals if yours were going to weigh so heavily. Lol you post a players contest where the players vote but have very little to do with the outcome.

Congrats to the winners and all contestants, it was fun and informative to read most of your guides. Keep up the good work.

/slowly shake head and walks away