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    Default It still works

    Quote Originally Posted by Snike View Post
    Only sad part with Nostromo is they have refused to release 64-bit drivers for the last 2 years and have no plans on ever doing so.
    I use a n52 with Win 7 64 and it works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glassya View Post
    I use a standard 7 button joystick in my left hand. Twist the Z axis for strafing. My main is a 16th level Sorc, and most of my combat spells are hotkeyed on the number pad. I can select next and last using thumb buttons on the joystick, and the toggle switch is handy for different weapon sets.
    No you're not the only one to use a joystick. I ise a joystick and mouse. I couldn't handle using a keyboard alone. Have the hat switch set up to activate hotbar keys 1-4 and 7-0 one of the other keys set to do 5 and 6. The rest are set to character actions select next enemy, select next interactable, jump, use interactable, change hotbars up and down, etc.

    Don't forge that you have a built in modifier key that doubles the buttons you can use. I like the game interface better than doing my own programming it's quicker and simpler although you can program more complex actions. The main thing is take some time to try different hotbar and button setups, you're not likely to come up with the best one on your first shot.

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    Default Z-Board Fang, Razer Naga, foot controller

    I use a Z-Board Fang gaming pad for the left hand, a Razer Naga for the right and a custom self-built floor unit with 4 arcade buttons that I press with my feet. I never run out of buttons.

    Edit: The Fang is ambidextrous and there are also ambidextrous gaming mice if being left handed is an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onubis View Post
    And I do not think the difference could be noticed between a gamepad and a mouse in terms of accuracy(sp?) etc. IMO, any1 claiming the mouse is better is just baised and probably hates consoling game, so anything that reminds them of it they hate. just playing.

    Some more recent stuff too...

    I'd love to know how you can reach such a combination of accuracy and speed with a gamepad.
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