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    Default A quick guide to beginning RP.

    Let me just say that I am NOT an expert at RolePlaying (RP). I am however, an expert at muddling around trying to figure things out. So let me save you some time and give you the secret *gasp*, yes the secret, to RP. Are you sitting down?

    The secret to RP:
    Generally speaking, all you really need to do to RP is….. drumroll….. act like the character in the game would, not like the person behind the keyboard would.
    For example, you can see the map. You may have zerged a dungeon a hundred times. But your party and your character might be new to the quest. Don't run thru, find the chest, deftly avoid the trap, etc. Have your character act like it's new. Maybe you run right into a trap because your character, quite frankly isn't that smart. (I might have done this once or twice, but let's not get too crazy!) Maybe you actually let the ranger or rogue scout ahead. (even though you might know that there are exactly five mobs around the corner, two of them casters.) See what the scout does first.

    (My main character for example, is a cleric who loves to fight, even if he is a little light to be a tank. He sometimes charges ahead when he shouldn’t, but will usually stay right behind the scout or the tank. (He’s wise but not too smart.) He also tends to pickup any mobs that get past the front lines, especially when they are heading for the more squishy party members, who he feels he must protect at all costs. He heals as quick as he can, but won’t chase people down to heal them.)

    As for the mechanics of it... most of us use the keyboard to speak in character, usually in the party tab, or even the guild and general tabs. Some use the mic, but limit it to emergencies, ie "TRAP!" (and very, very few RP using voice) If you want to type something out of character, put it in ((double parens, like this)).

    There is also NO requirement to talk funny. Ye cin speak enny way that is good fer ya, if ye be innarested. Or you can just talk normally...
    ...Just don't metagame (no spoilers).

    When a battle hits, it's not time to start play acting. (Unless the real you is chaotic evil.) We actually want to be successful too. It is appropriate to do what your level, class, and persona dictate. It is usually easier to RP longer conversation outside of a danger zone, and keep them shorter inside.
    If you’re a tank with a devil may care attitude, charge the mobs. If you are an egotistic caster, run and hide. (just kidding... maybe) Or hang back and fire a MM and a few snide comments. Rogues use your sneak attack. This is not to say that you *must* do what you are *supposed* to do because of your class. Just think about it and act how you deem appropriate.

    It might help you decide how your character would act, if you come up with a back-story ahead of time.
    Are you a lone drow, rebelling against the norm, and embracing the camaraderie of other races? Was your whole clan killed in a horrible accident that you believe you caused, and so you constantly are trying to atone for your perceived failure? Are you just a mysterious stranger seeking fame and fortune in the wild new land of Stormreach? Make it as detailed or sketchy as you want, and use it to color your decisions. You can see my first character's back story here.

    If you're unsure what to do or say in a situation, just keep quiet for now. The only thing that is really a problem for RPing is metagaming, which is in short injecting spoilers, or using knowledge that you have obtained from the outside world or alternate characters’ experience, to enhance your current character’s knowledge.

    It can all be summed up in two simple guidelines:
    • 1-Act like your character would, not like you would. (Maybe it’s the same thing, maybe not…)
    • 2-No metagaming, no spoilers.

    That’s it. Heed those two rules, give it a shot, and everything else will follow.
    If you're looking for someplace to try it out, check the Dedicated Teams here:
    Or seek out the Lightstorm Dragonslayers, they're always willing to help too.

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