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    I play mostly with a WF guild so being able to repair is important for me. My toon is also WF. So I am planning on getting a descent amount of repair enhabcments. This is my first 32 point build. Currently Wiz is at level 4, so still time to make some changes or start over if i need to. His starting stats are str8, dex16, con16, int18, wis6, cha6.

    [Wizard Lineage of Force I Grants a 3% chance for force and repair spells to generate a critical result for 1.5 times the normal damage or repair amount.]

    Which spells are considered force spells? Are they worth using?

    Should I choose to use cold/fire enchancments or elec/acid?

    should I use enhancments to wands to take some of the load off of my spell points?

    thanks for the advise.

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    Force is only Magic Missle and Force Missles. Don't bother with the spell crits for repairing. While occasional increased numbers are nice, you want reliable repairing output. And personally, with a medium HP Wizard, you won't need much more than +20% Repair enhancement. But, if you plan on repairing for a high HP WF party/group extra repair +% is useful.

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    I usualy go 20% force/repair with no crit enhancments on WF builds. Seems to be a good buy for 3 pts.

    The only force spells are Magic Missile and Foce Missile. They are decent spells but personaly I don't use them a lot at high level favoring disintigrate instead (not force but similarly effects nearly all targets).
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