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    You know, this thread reminds me of a few arguments with the BFG's........ Ahhhh, how I miss Aundair and the murky world of guild politics it contained. Ezz, buddy, I am not going to cry u a river. In fact, I am seriously doubting you for quoting an artist known by the initials of J.T.

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    Sounds like someone got SERVED.

    You know what that means.... IT'S ON!!!

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    I dont think this was our guild attacking yours. From what i've heard bout it, sounds like he was planning on leaving the game and thought it would be fun to start some drama for us.
    I think it was a case of 1 guy out of dozens goin over the top. You have my apology, whatever good that does. Sorry it happened
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    Default mo drama for yo momma

    hey wasnt cry me a river figure of speach before timberlane wrote a song about it lol

    and if said person already got banned cant that be the end of it

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    Default *cube is within threat range*

    Remember that if you have an issue with another user, or group of users, to use the following methods:

    1. The in-game squelch feature
    2. The ignore feature if it is a problem on the forums
    3. Report player harassment
    4. Report the post if it is a forum post

    Also please review the forum guidelines in regards to

    - singling out other users
    - provoking other users

    Thank you for your cooperation. If you have taken the above steps, no further commentary is needed. /engulf
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