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    location, location.

    Question Player looking for Ghallanda guild; difficulty: Japan late-night

    Hey... I'm looking to join a guild on Ghallanda. However, I live in Japan and play from 11pm to 3am or so (around 10am to 2pm EST). DDO Korea is crazy active at that time, but I'd rather join an English-speaking guild for ease of grouping, news, etc. Any suggestions for a guild with a decent number of members active for grouping at this time (and possible raids, events, etc.)? I'm thinking some Aussie guild might be my best bet (similar time-zone).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Look into Bones Combat Brigade thats is about the time the Guild is most active.

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    Lifetakers and Heartbreakers has several US night owls and more than a handful of Aussies as well. Look one of our members up or visit us at If we don't fit the bill, some of our guildees from Australia may be familiar with other guilds.

    Good luck in your search!
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