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    Default Vista black screen

    I'm getting the vista black screen as well.

    My twist: Everything worked fine with compatibility (I tried all the fixes, and they worked previously).

    Then I removed the DX10 card, and installed a DX9 card (GeForce 6200 turbocache). Vista is fine with it, but DDO and other games give me a black screen on load.

    I'm assuming the issue is that everything is trying to use DX10, and the card doesn't support it? Anyone have thoughts on how to fix it? I tried compatibility fixes, which you'd think would work, but no good....
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    More info is need, a Dxdiag, would be nice. Also, I cant really understand what you mean by it try to use DX10.

    If you had a card in your computer that was DX10 compatible, like a Geforce 8800 and you played DDO, it will only use DX9, because DDO does not use DX10. Only programs designed to use or have been upgraded to use will take the advantages of DX10.

    Also if your old card was for DX9 it will only use DX9, it dont matter if you have DX 10 or 10.1 and can only use DX9 and a DX10 card will only use DX9 when the program can only use DX9.
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