One of the last true founding guilds on Thelanis has opened their gates. If you are seeking a larger , stable and better experience out there for mod 5 , come join us. We are seeking to really charge hard for mod 5 and would like to bring in some more members who meet our standards.

Why join IRONWOLF?

We have a Guild site that has events on it constantly helping us to maintain a very active and goal oriented guild.

We have a ventrillo server that allows us to communicate constantly with each other over multiple channels for different questing and meetings.

We have some of the most experienced questers and most of us are hardcore dnd fanatics. Knowing what dnd is all about = having more fun without stressing over not knowing the game.

We run permadeath nights for those who like to bring the true roots of dnd to back to ddo.

Everyone in the guild has all characters in the guild which means more activity and a closer bond.

We have ran server wide events and usually twice a month have guild events.

What are we looking for in a member ?

Solid personality, mature and enjoys interacting with the guild.

Decent activity level and willing to post on site and use ventrillo.

Is excited about keeping a founding guild thriving in Stormreach.

Wants to move up and gain a status within the guilds ranks. Cares.

Is willing to bring in their crew of characters and be loyal to one guild.

If this is YOU ...If think you can run with the pack ? We salute you. - I.W