hello fellow smiter's i now am starting my 1st ever guild called Smite the Darkness, here are the requirements to join the guild and to have a safe fun time!
the rules:
1/ must be of lawful good alignment
2/ must show good sportsmanship and respect to fellow guild mates when dueling in the taverns
3/ must always be on the lookout for potential guildmen and guildwomen
4/ must help out the lowbies if you really think they need it and have time
/5 no cheating in duels against fellow guildmates such as buffing and what not unless you both agree to cheat or if it is not a guildmate then win by any means necessary
/6 obliterate the barbarians by any means
/7 to qualify as an officer you must beat an any level barbarian by any means, but to actually become one you must be accepted by the council as well after which you have beaten a barbarian, and you must be a pure class build to show your faith and dedication in your chosen profession
8/ to become a recruiter you must beat an unlawful player of any other alignment and you will get officer but not have earned the rank
/9 last but not least, show honor in what you believe in whether it be for one these three elements, love, power, and or dignity

that is all... have fun and remember its just a game! (except when it comes to crushing a barbarian's skull on the tavern canvas! LMAO) peace