Thanks goes out to the pug group I joined yesterday. I was sitting idle waiting for my guildies to log in and seen a pug Bloodstone group in the LFM page and said why not. I joined and they were underway already. I don't know how long they were at it, but when I zoned in they just poped a chest and was looting. When I ran out there they were off on another mob to find another chest. I get to the chest to get my loot and guess what. Got the bloodstone on the first chest within 2 min. No work at all. I only needed one for my fighter, and wasn't going to spend an arm & leg to buy one. After I got the one my guildy logged in and I didn't have a need to stay around any longer. I felt a bit anti-social just taking off, and can feel the pain of the people who been farming it for who knows how long and just see me walk away with one. So I say thanks for opening the group up to the public and letting free-loaders like me tag along. Maybee one day I can return the favor.