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    Default Deathwatch Guard has arrived on the Khyber Shard

    Determined to hold fast against the horde of enemies that beset Stormreach, DWG is looking for strong guardsmen and guardswomen to join us in the defense. If you wish to join our ranks, please see below to see how.

    Deathwatch Guard

    Motto: In umbra, igitur, pugnabimus! (In the shade, therefore, we fight!)

    Objective: To bring together characters of all race and class, who play, toil, and war in no settled manner; yet, to a fault, are unendingly loyal to all those who serve in the Guard.

    Organization and Ranks of the Deathwatch Guard:

    Deathwatch Guard consists of:

    Hoplite, Spartan and Thespian Phalanxes; each leans toward a particular playstyle.

    Roleplaying <-----------> “Leet” Play
    Thespians <-> Hoplites <-> Spartans

    Guard Commander: Guild Leader
    Captain’s of the Guard: (Officers) Each Captain heads a phalanx.
    Officers (Hyparch): Officers are Basilikos who have repeatedly shown they place the Guard first; chosen and tested by a Congress of the Guard Commander and Captain’s.
    Veteran Members (Basilikos): Guard members who have shown their devotion and commitment to the Guard to be a step above the average Guardsman. Only Basilikos are eligible to be appointed as a Hyparch.
    Members (Kataphraktos): Most members of Deathwatch Guard are Kataphraktos. Fierce and devoted, they are awaiting the time they too may receive the rank of Basilikos.
    Trial Members (Epistat&#232;s): a new member of Guard, they must prove themselves over a period of time to be worthy of full inclusion into the Guard, and the rank of Kataphraktos that comes with it.

    Current Congress of Officers:

    Guard Commander: Gwyar Nwyfre
    Captain of the Guard – Hoplite Phalanx: Niennah Vardamir
    Captain of the Guard – Spartan Phalanx: Mortisgrin Thanatos
    Captain of the Guard – Thespian Phalanx: Redhood

    Rules for membership:

    • Be an adult. Our humor and conversations totter between inappropriate and boring for those under the age of 18. There are certain exceptions, and we will adjudicate those on a case by case basis, but in general; be and expect adults.
    • Don’t be an ***hat. We are friends. We play as friends. We treat each other as friends.
    • Be aware of the responsibilities of membership and agree to abide by said responsibilities.

    Responsibilities of all members:

    • Be respectful of all Guard members, from Trial Member to Guard Commander.
    • Use the forums to plan, converse, etc. Each member, sans prior notice to the Guard Commander or a Captain, will be required to log into the game and the forum at least once every 90 days.
    • List your Alts in your forum membership. This is how we know the true strength of our numbers. Please keep this updated.
    • Deathwatch Guard is based on “Guild before Greed”. Please play accordingly:
    • Please try to create as large a party as possible for adventures/raids. There is no requirement for party size, or even that you always take anyone who wants to go. We understand that sometimes you just want to do it to do it, or aren’t feeling social. Members may even plan short manpower raids every so often. But excessive antisocial behavior of this manner is frowned upon and will be brought to your attention. So please use your best judgement.
    • There are few hard, fast rules here, but this is one of them: There is absolutely no “conditional grouping”. i.e. you cannot offer spots on a raid/adventure with the caveat that if “x” item drops, then only you get it. This will obviously be moot when Mod 5 launches, but until then, it stands. You will be warned once, asked to leave the second time.
    • Deathwatch Guards are generous. Gifts are the first choice, fair trades are the second. No one likes a mooch, so don’t be one.
    • Deathwatch Guards put others first. This plays out in any number of ways. One example would be making sure that everyone in the group can get to the quest (say in the desert). Another would be keeping the party moving forward together – not standing in the boss room waiting for the last person to zone in so you can finish the quest. There is a sliding scale to this. A Spartan run of the DQ prereqs may be fast and furious, though at a minimum, the party leader will make sure everyone can get, and has gotten, to the quest entrance. See examples of suggested play style per phalanx below.
    • Deathwatch Guards do not use exploits. An exploit is defined per official Turbine recognition of such. Anything else is defined by the current group leader, and identified in planning the adventure/raid. This is also a hard, fast rule.
    • Deathwatch Guards give all cool loot to their Guard Commander… (Gwyar ducks as Niennah backhands him…runs away yelling…”Just kidding…”)

    Responsibilities of Veteran Members:

    • A demonstrated dedication to the ideals of the Guard, as explained through our membership guidelines
    • An increased role in the planning and success of the Guard and its events.

    Responsibilities of Officers:

    • Officers are chosen based on their total dedication to the Guard. They are handpicked by the “Congress of Officers”. i.e. the Guard Commander and Captains.
    • Officers are always willing to put the needs of the guild ahead of their own.
    • Officers specialize in a given command (PvP, newb training, recruitment, etc.). They are given title, and expected to work for the success of their command. When offered title and command, officers will be informed of any requirements of the position prior to their acceptance.

    Responsibilities of Captains:

    • Captains run the Phalanx’. Each Captain has agreed to commit him/herself to the Guild, and to act as Tour Guide, Decision Maker, Event Planner, and all around Guild Supporter. Officers report to Captains based on their titled Command.
    • Captains work in conjunction with the Guard Commander for all things Guard.

    Responsibilities of Guard Commander:

    • All things Guard…

    Examples of Phalanx Groups:

    Thespian Phalanx:

    The group decides to meet at the entrance to the desert. Once everyone is there, buffs are given out and the group leader decides if someone who knows the way, or if someone who doesn’t know the way is leading. Either way, the group leader stays at the back, or has someone at the back, to make sure no one is left behind. After battling to the quest entrance, the group zones in, heals up, rebuffs, and proceeds forward as a group. Group tactics are employed, no one gets ahead or behind of the group, and no one zones out to refill mana because they are capped and it doesn’t matter. The group is doing a light roleplay this time, so ooc chat is minimal but not frowned upon. Once the quest has been finished, everyone zones out, gets the reward and starts to discuss the next adventure. (Moral of the story: You want to create something more with your gaming experience and so do we!)

    Spartan Phalanx:

    The group decides to run a desert quest. The group leader gets to the entrance and waits. A few people who know the way head out to the quest. The group leader waits for the straggler who, of course, doesn’t know where he is going to get in. He leads the last person to the quest entrance. Once in, the group, who has already cleared the first room, rebuffs and heads through the quest in a dizzying display of carnage. Once the quest is done, everyone zones out, gets their reward, and starts to discuss the next adventure. (Moral of the Story: Those of us who like to run can - and run with the best!)

    Hoplite Phalanx:

    The group decides to run a desert quest. While waiting at the entrance, the party discusses one person’s difficulty potty training his daughter, while another is out having a smoke break. Somewhere along the line, House P buffs run out, and another goes back to refresh. Eventually they all head toward the quest, get in and wipe because someone fell asleep and agroed an entire room before falling into the lava. They rinsed and repeated, laughing, cajoling, and having a good time. Eventually they finished the quest, zoned out, and collected their reward, before everyone went off to bed because it was now 1 am west coast time and they all had to work in the morning. (Moral of the Story: No matter what our name, we can still waste more time and buffs than M.A.C.!)

    Just Roaming the Encampment or Interested in Joining?

    Ensure you read over our Charter and visit the Forums where you will find several threads accessible to you that will help you learn more about us! There is no application to be filled out; however, the application process is as such:

    1 ) Contact an officer. Feel free to do so either from here or in game (again, we are only on Khyber).

    2) Group with us. We will make arrangements to group together enabling both of us to ensure we're a good fit! Expect for the groupings to be at least twice, if not three, and the members could vary with a combination of cutting-up-fun and uber tactics.

    3) Become an Associate. During the try-out phase, you will become an Associate which will enable you to have access to a few more areas within the website.

    4) Mutual Decision. Let us know what you think and fire away with questions. We will do the same.

    Thank you for roaming through the encampment. Come back often and we hope to see you among the ranks!!

    You may reach the Deathwatch Guard encampment by:

    going to

    emailing us at

    or asking to speak to an officer while online

    You may either stand in our ranks or; if you have a strong organization already, stand next to us, as an ally.

    If your guild wishes to stand in alliance with Deathwatch Guard, then please contact the Guard Commander or a Captain of the Guard through PM or in-game to discuss. We predominantly are looking towards small guilds that perhaps could not otherwise conduct raids on their own, guilds that are always looking for that 5th or 6th man, or static/niche guilds that sometimes just need some extra manpower. But we mainly just want to find people we like. Our goal is not to make an alliance with everyone out there, but more to have a secure line of people that we enjoy grouping with on a sporadic basis. We have players off all levels, play ability, and styles. Most alliances will be at the Phalanx level, allowing both guilds a little more direction in their independent goals.
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    Default Deathwatch Guard has arrived on the Khyber Shard!

    Gwyar paused, his hand resting on the massive darkwood door. He thought he could hear the click of the bar sliding into place on the other side; no matter that he knew it was impossible because of the magic imbued in the wood. This last week had been a whirlwind, and he wasn’t quite settled in his own mind about what had transpired. He thought back to the that night, what seemed eons ago, and to what transpired. What had transpired? All he could remember was the cloud settling into the dining room. It seemed like the sky itself had descended and was sweeping like a sheet past his eyes and settling into his head. Everyone who had been there that night, and there were many, had the same feeling. Gwyar realized that he still couldn’t remember making it from the Guild hall to his personal chambers, but the dreams, the nightmares… when he woke – it was all still crystal clear.

    Even now he could hear the whispering. As if, a constant tingle in the back of his mind. If he concentrated, he could see the battle; nay, he could live the battle. He could see his men, coiled, serpentlike, and ready. And he could see his enemy, 100 legions superior; spread out beyond him. He had the high ground for sure, but he knew their arrows would soon blacken the sun. And though he struggled against it, Gwyar knew that “he” was not actually “he”, he could see the soldiers creeping through the distant, hidden, pass; completing the encirclement. If only he could cry out, scream to himself, as though to warn; but the arrows blackened the sky, and his screams went unheard – pushed aside by the one way projectile of emotion that flowed back at him. So, again, he could see himself, lying there, gasping for the last bit of breath, as his soldiers, his guard, no; his brethren; fought as if they were a rock holding fast against the hurricane whipped wave. As with any passage of time though, the rock began to crumble, a chip here, a chip there, began to fall away. Until the wave came crashing over him, and the eyes of the last man turned dark. That darkness, the darkness of death, burning, searing, its way into his soul…

    Gwyar gasped, wretching away from the door, and clasping his chest. The pain of his wound, psychic in nature, yet physically seared over his left breast, was oozing blood; as it had done every night, every moment, since that foul wind came through. He could see, in his minds eye, the empty eyes of the skull on his chest, blazing under his armor. And he could sense, each and every other set of eyes, stretched out across the lands of Eberron – they called to each other, like siblings linked by a single birth, and he was drawn to them.

    As he turned, and steadied himself, he gazed upon the band scattered in front of him. The mighty barbarian, and the diminuitive maiden cleric. The living machine, the Halfling warrior he called brother, and many others. He could see them all, dappled in the afternoon sun, but in his minds eye; the eye he could never close, he could see death. As on his, emblazoned on their chests as well. He smiled, and stepped forward. Those who were not with them that night could not understand. He wished, just fleetingly, that his guild leader, and friend, had been there that night. Perhaps things would be different. But she had not been. And though she was accepting, even supportive, she could not truly understand. She did not see that Death now watched them. That he, and all those eyes floating out there – across Eberron, were, now, Death.

    Gwyar moved forward, sliding into the saddle and wheeling about. He slowly nudged his steed into the direction of the now setting sun; those who rode with him starting slowly to follow. He was straight and erect in his saddle, not flinching, not turning back, even to look upon the Hall he had called home for so long. His trained body obeying; it did not betray the pain.
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    Default This is the SPARTAN WAY "Words from the Spartan Captain"


    * Rectitude
    * Courage
    * Benevolence
    * Respect
    * Honesty
    * Honor, Glory
    * Loyalty

    We are Spartans! We specialize in Elite play, New Content, Favor and helping those that want to join our ranks. We use no exploits. You don't have to be Uber to join our ranks, but you must make a commitment to strive to get better and help those around you, do the same. The warrior protects and defends because he realizes the value of others. He knows that they are essential to society and, in his gift of service, recognizes and values theirs...


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