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    Default For Sarlona Roleplayers

    Greetings and well met brothers and sisters... *bows*
    I am Lessajr, my adopted mother has sent me as an emmissary from Thelanis to learn what I might.

    I am Lessah! You may know me from such videos as "When Servers Merge" and The Stormreach Dating Game"

    I started doing the role-play segment on the DDO Podcast after Merlask left.
    It occurred to me that I am not being fair to Sarlona Sunday Roleplayers by not interacting with them and then taking about it!

    So this Sunday... I will be online starting at around 6PM Central time. I want to meet you, or as many of you as I can. I'd like to rescue that Arlos... maybe.

    I am sneakily trying to get my baby ranger to level 2 so I can interact with more folks. So if you see me before Sunday, that is why!

    Otherwise, I am looking forward to meeting ya!


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    An emissary from Thelanis you say....I believe I have heard of that land.
    I hope your journey here proves fruitful. *smiles*


    I have seen and enjoyed your videos!
    I hope to see you on the streets of Sarlona Sunday. Perhaps a few of us could assist you in fearing Arlos.


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    A Paladin is reborn! ...As a thief? :O
    Xyvael, my first ever character on any world is a semi-retired, level-capped and uber-outfitted evasion paladin on Thelanis. NOT a roleplaying character.
    Xyvael, my first drow on Sarlona, mildly twinked, lvl 2, learning the fine art of bein sneaky. Roleplaying character.
    I'll be around on Sunday.
    Oh yeah, before I forget... Neo Skullriders and Death Jesters are awesome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beol
    AA is a river with currents both of a profound acceptance of individuality and of a certain love for brutal efficiency.
    ~ Oloth's Tale ~ xX-----==<<<Yes, I roleplay. Get over it.>>>==-----Xx

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    I hope to be there with my cleric 2. Katlia is my first character on Sarlona. She is a non-twinked, 28 pt build human (although she is half-dwarf!). I will try to be subtle about running around picking up piles of loose coin
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    Rogues named Katiria on every world , but I mostly play on Khyber because MAC rocks!

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    Default A lone Warrior of the Emerald Claw ?

    In my hunt across the harbor, I came across a group of suspicious Dark Elves... and then suddenly a a lone Warrior of the Emerald Claw! Coincidence, perhaps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kashka_Coolwater View Post
    As far as guilds, there is a new Sarlona RP guild started up called Doomie Baby that just started up in addition to the Lightstorm D. and Crimson Covenant... if that helps in finding ppl to roleplay with. I will be on either Spittle or Greaser.
    What is this Crimson Covenant of which you speak?
    Dedicated Teams Guild be part of a larger community... and Roleplayers Sarlona RP Channel

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    Avabere nods to all and bows with a tankard. "Arr! With me Sovereign Faith and me faith in me tankard, I be anywhere... but.. unfortunately... I cannot partake for my faith takes me places I cannot be on this day."

    OOC: Sorry, with my PC up and running in time, I would be about but Sundays are bad for me since it ends up being a Monday.. If only it was Sarlona Saturdays

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    Default Sarlona Sundays

    Rowanshadow fell into a party of adventurers. Many a purse was cut and pocket fingered by two thief's. The ranger Lessajr had a problem with screaming every time she saw a ratdog. Our learned wizard had much sense. The cleric kept my health from running to low.

    I run amongst the lowliest in the Kobold sewers. My mission is simple. Requisitions.

    I do not steal, I appropriate

    See ya in stormreach,


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