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And are we making conspiracy theories about the conspiracy? Sir and The Vulture will be pleased ^^
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I am proud to have Merla .. uh ... Tolero on the team! So be nice.

As for the theory about Tchurvul being Tolero? Sorry, but he's been around a long time before he stole a Whisper Stone from House Sivis and began posting on these forums. Nice try though! :P
I already figured merlask couldn't be Tchurvul by Tchurvul's join date and Merlask's announcement about being hired by turbine date, but I still think she has something to do with this. Maybe Merlask/Tolero is the emerald claw rep or something or an ally of Sir Lawrence or Tchurvul, hmm...

Hey since we already have a weapon from both Sir Lawrence (+1 Vorpal Sickle of Haggling), and one from Tchurvul (Tchurvul's Kukri) are we going to get some Tolero equipment too? Preferably something nice to dual wield with my sickle I got from Sir Lawrence