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    Default The Hand of the Black Tower


    Average Playtime: EST afternoon, evening, early AM
    Size: 40 Active Players
    Raids We Do: Any
    Raids per Week: 6-12
    Raid Loot System: Your loot your choice
    Leader: Gruntiz
    Recruiting: Accepting applications on website. You will most likely be asked to run a few raids or quests with the guild prior to a decision regarding an invitation.
    Info: The Hand is one of the longest running raiding guilds. Some first time achievements.
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    Updates And Corrections Inside The Quoted Text.

    Quote Originally Posted by hordo View Post
    Average Playtime: Varies. Us Nights Peak, 6-15 Online During Off Peak Usually. However, We Do Have A Nice Pacific Rim Contingent In Japan, Australia And New Zealand Allowing Nearly 24 Hour Coverage!
    Size: Active Player Base Is Large, Estimate 25-40 Daily Players.
    Raids We Do: All Of Them.
    Raid Loot System: Basically, Need Before Greed, But Can Be Any System As Agreed Upon By The Party Before The Raid Begins.
    Leader: Hordangel; Successor: Kongquesst
    Recruiting: Not Recruiting At This Time.
    Info: There Is Really No Limit To What Type Of Play You Can Do In Loreseekers. We Have Static Groups, Some Are Very Much Into Roleplay, Others Are Dabbling With Permadeath. There Are Enough Toons Of Each Level To Allow Several Groups Every Night Doing Nearly Every Level Of The Game. Rare Are The Occasions When Everyone Is So Full As To Make A Guildie Wait For A Group Or To Pug. However, We Do Also Have Folks That Always Reserve A Few Pug Spots In Any Group They Run. We Are Always Looking To Find New Players To Group With, And Will Quest With Anyone Just For The Experience. Please, Feel Free To Check Us Out On Our Website, Or Look Any Of Us Up In-game!
    -Khyber- Loreseekers, Guild Leader
    Hordorabbi ~ Hordiva ~ Hordazzle ~ Hordorc ~ Hordeau ~ And dozens of other HordoToons™!
    High Rabbi of DDO
    Loreseekers Guild ~ H.o.r.d.o.'s How-To Guides @Loreseekers

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    can you add us please

    Average Playtime:almost 24/7 about a 6hr down time
    Size:3 lev 35
    Raids We Do:any
    Raids per Week:as many as we can
    Raid Loot System:your loot is your loot roll them out if you want don't if you don't
    Leader:all of us but chef is on the most (that would be me just look for a toon that has chef in his name many of you know me anyway
    Recruiting:must talk to and play with everyone fist (seriously 3 person guild should not be a porb)
    Info: we are a group of friends that play the guild is there but we have people on our friends list on all the time so we do not really pug that much (we are one of the more laid back guilds very little official structure just her for low stress fun)
    -Proud driver of Cheffie,Cheffel,Cheffr,Cheoff,Chefb,Chefo and well you get it toons named chef on Kyber -
    The Unofficial Official Hoarder of Kyber "Im not full I just have not grabbed that heroic deeds yet because I need to organize my backpack for it"

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    We've been here for a few months now and I figures we might get listed here as well.

    A Poppy in the Dark
    Average Playtime: mostly european evening/night
    Size: around 10 active players (lvl 70)
    Raids we do: Mostly eVoN, ToD, Shroud - but basically any
    Raids per Week: 6ish
    Raid Loot System: it's just loot
    Leader: Hyanne, secondary: Darkpoppy
    Recruiting: not really
    ~Denial of Service~
    Suggested Blacklist: Hyanne, Kolastro, Lecolle, Yanola, Schraube, Yumui, Unfaehig, Fakepuppie, Icanhasdw

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    Might as well add us. Even though we aren't recruiting, it'd be nice to have our name on the list

    Average Playtime: All time zones (players from across US, Canada, Europe, Australia), but most active in the evening EST.
    Size: around 20 active accounts (level 61)
    Raids We Do: Not many all guild raids yet, but should be coming soon (we often PuG them all though)! We do all guild Epics from time to time.
    Raids per Week: 0
    Raid Loot System: Your loot is your loot (often guildies' needs come first)
    Leader: Antocapone
    Recruiting: Not really
    Info: We are mostly a group of friends from another game and many of us have known each other for around 4 years.
    Jackovall (Completionist Wizard - Life 23/23) -- Gilders PDK Tree build (Life 8/8) -- Zogdor PDK Rogue Mechanic (Life 10/10) -- Taykare Pure Warlock (Life 14/14) -- Sheo Bladeforged Rogue Mechanic (life 12/12) --
    Double Deviants

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    Default Please Add Us to Guild List

    Acolytes of Foluke
    Average Playtime: EST Evenings US
    Size: 5-10 (Small)
    Raids We Do: None, But Run Some PUGS Together
    Raids Per Week: Four
    Raid Loot System: Please Offer Pulls You Dont Need to Fellow Guild Members
    Leader: Foluke
    Successor/Officer: Bentor
    Website: (in process)
    Recruiting: Yes, Send in Game Mail to Bentor or Foluke
    Info: Looking for Team Players, that want to run quests together. Currently High Level and Some Low Level Characters. Life comes first we all have other responsibilities outside of DDO that should take precedence.

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    Default Hireling of Quicktoe for favor farmers and server holidays

    Hireling of Quicktoe
    Average Playtime: Anytime
    Size: Small
    Raids We Do: None
    Raids per Week: None
    Raid Loot System: N/A
    Leader: contact ‘Melwright’ via in game mail or Melicat here on the forums
    Website: None

    Recruiting: Favour farmers and people on server holidays are invited. New players are welcome but encouraged to find a different real guild as soon as they can. People who are rude or unpleasant to other players are not welcome. Send PM to ‘Melwright’ or send a PM to this Melicat forum account: I will send you a guild invite. Once guilded you will receive plat up to 5k dependant on level ( and can ask for more at a later time up to 5k. Will also send 20csw pots. Unbound crafted shards available on request as can be made with crafting skills of 100 in all schools (ie up to about 110) – send essences if you can at a later date but no pressure to do so.

    Info: This is an attempt to make starting out on Khyber a little easier but it’s not a real guild. If you intend to stay on Khyber it is encouraged that as soon as you can you find a real guild or even start your own. As one of my accounts is VIP I’m happy to start one and hand it over to make things easier for you if you would like to.

    This guild concept is probationary and will be changed if it doesn't work.
    ~ Khyber ~
    ~ Melicient ~ Melianny ~ Melinator ~ Melizzic ~ Melton ~ Melvanwy ~ Mellant ~ Melangst ~

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    Default Economy of Scale

    We are a non-guild guild. We solo; we PUG; we share the benefits of guild renown.

    • Average Playtime: Usually somebody on at all hours. Most activity at US peak hours.
    • Size: 226 members. We don't boot people so some are inactive. ~80 toons have logged on in the last week.
    • Level: 60
    • Officers: Dunlop, Anybodys, Desarius, Dratt, Drowna, Hilbo, Krustee, Ozzgood, Raypin, Shlainn, Straiden, Sylvra, Tekiko
    • Website:

    Contact any officer in-game to join.

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    Default Up-To-Date

    As usual, sorry for any delay...and everyone should be up to date and listed
    -KHYBER- Current Mains: Dios D'Muerte - Barb>FvS>Bard>Wiz>Art / Deeos D'Muerte - 20 Ninja(TR2) / Draugar D'Muerte - 20 Ninja (TR1) .Deyna D'Muerte - 20 Assassin x3 (TR2)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    ..Got a lunch break? A smoke break? You too can conspire with bacon

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    Crimson Eagles
    Average Playtime: GMT+10 evenings with a splattering of people online at other hours. Most players are Asia Pacific.
    Size: Medium
    Raids We Do: All, but Titan very very rarely.
    Raids per Week: Some nights 4, other nights 1.
    Raid Loot System: Your loot your call. Offer to guildies then pugs if unwanted
    Leader: Felgor
    Website: Inactive
    Recruiting: No, unless we know you well.

    We also have a busy channel exclusive to CE and friends.
    Proud Leader & official Gimp of Crimson Eagles on Khyber
    Angryscrews Wiz 20 - Felgor Barb 20 - Brelgor Fighter 18/1/1 - Flavoursome TR1 Sorc 15 - Splatsplat DoS 18/2
    Quote Originally Posted by Auran82 View Post
    Numot talks enough for like 10 people. So yeah, 13 people in that channel.

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    Default New Guild Listing: The Way of Balance

    Playstyle: Casual role play (for enjoyment and recreation)
    Size: Small
    Leader: Junsui
    Recruiting: All (ages 18+) (Please allow 24 hours for in-game guild invitation)
    Info: Mature play, no obligations, looking to grow, open enrollment

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    Default Cavalieri dei Draghi

    Average Playtime:afternoon,evening (GTM+1)
    Italian guild(and 1 portugues ) inbound lvl 70
    Size:100+ Active Players
    Raids We Do: all
    Raids per Week: 6-12(specialized leadership in TOD(Donabbondio), LOB/MA(Kalistoo), Srhoud(any officer), DQ(Llino, Ranclar), Patatina & Fede(in all of epic quests))
    Raid Loot System: your loot is your choise.
    Leader: Fede
    Successor: Alixa
    Recruiting: Accepting all italians with loyalty and willing to learn.
    Info: As players, we count a variety of classes (TR and not) able to cover any roles in any raids. As the only Italian guild in khyber we have the duty to be the lighthouse for those italians newbie that approach to DDO, and we try to lead them trhough the game mechanics, helping with advices. we ensure during the playing time always an Officer online, who is the interface for any problem.juste send a message in general chat(or sent tell via "who" panel) and as soon as possible we'll reply with a PM.
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    Donabbondio - Officer of Cavalieri dei Draghi - Khyber
    Triple Heroic Completionist - Triple Iconic Completionist - Triple Epic Completionist

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    -KHYBER- Current Mains: Dios D'Muerte - Barb>FvS>Bard>Wiz>Art / Deeos D'Muerte - 20 Ninja(TR2) / Draugar D'Muerte - 20 Ninja (TR1) .Deyna D'Muerte - 20 Assassin x3 (TR2)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    ..Got a lunch break? A smoke break? You too can conspire with bacon

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    Default Deus Nova

    Deus Nova

    Average Playtime: PST, early afternoon to the wee hours
    Size: 20
    Raids We Do: not organized for raids atm.
    Raids per Week: n/a
    Raid Loot System: n/a
    Leader: Ezmo
    Website: We have no website, FB page, gaming forum or otherwise.
    Recruiting: yes

    Info: Deus Nova was founded 2 years ago by a group of friends that played many different games together. As most of the original guild has moved on to greener pastures, it was decided to just regrow the guild by those that remained. Deus Nova is a casual, adult guild with dedicated players. There are few rules, if any. With no drama and a free society, we have the ability to quest as we please, either in PUG or guild runs.

    If you would like to become a member, just contact any Deus Nova mamber and ask. The ONLY recruiting restriction we currently have is player level. You must be at least lvl 4. We want to grow in level and you can help.
    Always remember to have fun
    Professional Noob.

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    Please update thx..

    Forgotten Souls:

    Average Playtime: 24/7 - Active 3+ Members
    Size: 25 Members
    Raids We Do: Any
    Raids per Week: Varies - about 5
    Raid Loot System: None
    Leader: Sunstone
    Website: None - We may have one later this year
    Recruiting: Ask Via Forum/In-game Mail
    We Offer:
    Plenty of fun people to play with.
    Weekend Raids / Epic Quest Runs

    Please send a tell to or in game mail too:
    Sunstone - Australian Time Zones

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    Default MY Guild

    Is it possible to change the name of my guild?

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    in the bowels of the C/A/S iTyrant Seas - Kraken Class

    Default Kobold Konsortium (formerly Tha Consortium)

    Kobold Konsortium (formerly , Tha Consortium)

    Average Playtime: have members on usually 20 hours a day, seven days a week. iTyrant Seas is open 24/7.
    Size: average 24 (active) accounts (currently level 101)
    Raids We Do: all of them (teach Chronoscope, Tempest Spine, Vault of Night, Reaver's Fate, Shroud, Ascension Chamber, Fall of Truth, Caught in the Web)
    Raids per Week: depending upon members desire, self motivated
    Raid Loot System: it's just loot, offer to guild first, then then to roll and then we have lots of space in the vault if you don't want it. :P
    Recruiting: Semi-Closed: for the right candidates. Send in game mail to Dirkdiggleri.
    What is the ‘Kobold Konsortium’

    What is ‘the Kobold Konsortium
    con•sor•ti•um (noun): combination of player accounts for common purpose; an association or grouping of player accounts, usually set up for a common purpose that would be beyond the capabilities of a single member of the group.
    Simply put,
    the Kobold Konsortium is a Khyber based guild that is formed for the benefit of its members, loosely knit and without many formalities.

    (our simple membership rules)

    We are a small, friendly casual guild of mature professionals. Nothing really formal. Family and Alt friendly.Simple guidelines:
    1. Treat others as you wish to be treated - be good ambassadors just by being courteous players.
    2. Kindly read the guild's Message of the Day (MotD). Has useful information and changes several times a week.
    3. If you are going to be gone for more than a week, please let us know via in-game mail or our private facebook group
    4. Facebook group participation is optional - but recommended; however participation required for officer status.
    5. Guild chest - no special rules. Not a trash bin. Both the Guild vault on deck 1 of Kraken iTyrant Seas and cargo hold.
    6. Have a question? Ask. Via guild chat, in game mail, facebook etc. We want to help you have fun!
    7. Most importantly - have fun!
    8. Please tell us if you have any other characters you wish to have invited.
    9. If you decide to leave the guild, kindly inform us via ingame mail or via Facebook or via email that you are and why. We want to improve.
    10. Kindly log in all characters at least monthly.
    11. We have first lifers who are new to the game, end game players, multi-life uber completionist tracked characters and everything in between. Real life comes first.
    12. Multi-guilding is frowned upon and we do not want (generally) members splitting their characters into multiple guilds. We understand this is unenforceable but still make it clear.
    13. Cargo Hold amenities - kindly renew as needed, and add if desired. Everyone's responsibility.

    level 90: 05-30-2015
    level 91: 06-27-2015
    level 92: 07-17-2015
    level 93: 08-23-2015
    level 94: 09-30-2015
    level 95: 11-18-2015
    level 96: 12-20-2015
    level 97: 01-09-2016

    level 98: 03-06-2016

    level 99: 04-15-2016
    level 100: 05-26-2016
    level 101: 05-30-2016

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    Cavalier Cavalry's up to 77. Most everything's the same, however.
    Alesthane - Chorwynt - Glyndwyr - Hasta - Azzad - Chereneko - Threesee - Ziggystar - Pfipher - Zaathras - MajorisUrsa - Eichenauer - Cherneko - Kwayzaar - Gweirwyn - RedArray - Arbengwr - Aryett - Bhokz - Escobhaul - Formerprez - Maarkenward - MacDoel - MacIntyre - Ritterstan = Khyber

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    I'm only an officer but I'd like to see my guild represented here, so hopefully the leader doesn't mind!

    Crusaders of Heaven

    Average Playtime: Generally EST afternoon/evenings
    Size: I'm not sure exact numbers at the moment, but I'd say we're medium/small. Always a few people online* will update for exact numbers when servers re open
    Raids We Do: We don't really organize raids
    Leader: Josetta
    Website: N/A
    Recruiting: Always open.
    Message or mail Syllya, Pyrerose, Phoeboria, Skippypater, Josetta for an invite. Or look for a guild member in the /who tab, they should direct you to one of us.
    We're a casual guild to say the very least. Most of the members go their own way, although the bulk of the officers either solo or only group with guildies. We value being nice to each other over all other things, and I think the result is a largely drama free guild.
    Most of us are long time players with extensive knowledge, so we try to be as helpful as we can towards new players.
    Main/Only character:
    Pyrerose, the Overlord of Love
    Triple Heroic Completionist. still in love with heroic content
    Current life(#51):
    20 Artificer, the Reforged Rose

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