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Thread: Spell points?

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    Default Spell points?

    How many spell points do you need to keep yourself perma hasted/displaced/raged throughout most quests?

    Will a little under 600 be enough or will I need to find a way to eek out more?

    I'm not really concerned w/ any spells other then these except maybe 1 good hope/FoM at the beginning but those should last inbetween shrines so after those Ill be at 520ish sp

    I would also like to know if I'll have enough to cast a few DDs as well?

    How tight will this sp pool be?

    Can it work?

    P.S. Ill have 10 bard levels and extend so 2 min hastes and displacements and rages should last about 4 min I think
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    depends on alot of factors. My battle bard has about 850 at bard 14 and never runs out of mana. But he also wears a torq which can double or triple that amount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slayer918 View Post
    P.S. Ill have 10 bard levels and extend so 2 min hastes and displacements and rages should last about 4 min I think
    Well how fast do you generally run through things? If you figure 10 mins between shrines that means...

    (Using new metamagic for next Mod Extend = +10 sp)
    Displacement x 5 = 150 sp
    Haste x 5 = 150 sp
    Rage x 3 = 75 sp

    That is 375 sp for those spells which means ~600 should be plenty to use those as well as other spells.

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    Yeah, you ought to have plenty with the current distances between shrines. My 12/2 fighter/bard has 590 right now and I've had no problems. I've even started displacing one other character in the party and blurring everyone. I tend to roll with a very fast pace, though, so I dunno.
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