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    Default TWF build, let me hear some comments

    So I have always wanted to make a good twf build. I made one when I was new to the game and around level 9 he started to suck. But now I know alot more about the game. So recently I have been thinking about making one of two builds. One of them being a twf pally. Why? Because you never see them and if you are already lacking in ac then you can try to make up for it with great saves and a couple lay on hands. The other possible build being a rogue2/pally3/9fighter.

    2rogue/pally3/9fighter build 32 point human
    start with...............................approximate endind stats
    str 9.....................................str 14(this one includes +1 tome)
    dex 17...................................dex 30
    con 14...................................con 20
    int 10(this includes +1 tome)
    wis 9.....................................wis 10(this one includes +1 tome)
    cha 16...................................cha 22

    So the idea behind the build is a twf with great saves and high umd and a good balance. The first level is rogue, next 3 pally, then some fighter levels. The second level of rogue will be taken real late in the build(around level 11-13) and on all the other levels he gets 3 skill points(one for balance/two for umd).

    Its a finesse build so his reflex saves will be around 36 self buffed(just heroism scrolls that is). And will have evasion.

    He has 10 feats to play with(not in order):
    2.improved twf
    3.greater twf
    4.focus umd
    8.improve crit
    9. weopon finesse
    10. ?

    Not sure about how many toughness feats but alteast one.
    So I expect some comments saying my str is too low. I plan on having a str of around 14(16 with raid loot). This seems to be fine with my finesse rogue(str of 13) and my cleric(str of 14).
    Anyways thats the basic plan for the build. I might do 18 dex but I lose some con and cha if I do.
    Any comments? I would appreciate them.
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    I have to say I'm not a big fan of the "Dex" TWF.

    But to each their own.
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    Default twf

    What about a strength ranger. You receive all the 2-weapon feats for free and you get some nice range feats as well. Use a dwarf and you get to use the dwarven axe.


    Str: 18+5(item) +3(levels)+2 tome =28
    Dex 16 +5(item)+3(enhancements)=24
    Con: 16+5(item)+3(enhancemnts)=24, maybe just +2 enhancments and +1 tome
    Wis: 14+4(item)+2(enhancements)=20
    Int and Char - no points

    1- weapon focus -slashing
    4-+1 str
    6-point blank shot (so you can use many shot)
    8-+1 str
    9-Improved critical - slashing
    10-fe-? a lot to choose from
    12- toughness

    Dwarven axe to hit and damage
    toughness I-IV
    wisdom, dex and con

    Ending stats at 13 right now

    HP: 365

    (just guessing, at work)

    +28 with right hand, +2 holy dwarven burst axe of maiming
    +26 with left hand +3 holy burst hand axe


    fort: 18
    reflex: 20
    will: 16

    The numbers may be a little off, but this character is fun to run, can put the beat down and can cast some good spells (resists, barkskin, eventually @14th freedom of movement and can heal themselves and that dang dps fighter that ran off by himself.
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    Yeah i have considered that too. I noticed you dont have to meet the feat prerequisites if they are granted to you. So you dont need dex of 17 for twf and you dont need to take point blank shot for multishot. So I really just need a dex of 22 to fill out the dex bonus of mithral light armor. So i know i need a wis of 14 to cast some spells but can i start with a wis of 12 and use +2 item or better? Always been confused about that.

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    If your making a twf build you are not a tank, I wouldn't worry about your ac or hp. If you really want toughness take 1 and spend the other two on weapon focus slashing or piercing. And Take weapon finesse at lvl 1 you won't be able to hit anything without it.

    Remember that str gives you damage even with weapon finesse, if your not using wounding/puncturing weapons you won't be doing much.

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