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Thread: Help Me !!!

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    Default I think your all missing the point.

    Its not about balance or what you like, its about making a character with more HP. Call it a project, hobby or whatever but the fact of the matter is he wants to try it. If your at home, look at the numbers and help him out.

    To you Kiddo, knowing Spyder like I do, I can ASSURE you that is probally the highest HP you can get currently in the game.

    On a side note, if you look at the Risia Threads there seems to be a helmet with toughness on it. Maybe you can get a "Also" Clone (thats his HP build) and get the helm before he does, thus in effect "beating" him. Well, for a little while anyway.
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    It has been said exactly how to do this... i dont' do the # thing cause it's a waist of time if u ask me.... but all u do is take every feat as Toughness and evey statpoint u get as con... take ever con enhancement u can get and all the rage enhancements to boost your max rage... the one saveing grace to this build even with only a 24 str or 26with +2 tome is u will rage for a very long time and shouldn't ever not be raged realy.

    now Kiddo this build takes away ALOT from what a barb is preaty much ment to be witch is a Front line DPS machine. the biggest thing is your going to lose power attack and the power attack enhancements for a barb witch is very nice for DPS. so by going max HP you limit yourself a little bit but it can be overcame preaty easy to still make a very usefull build. If u really want to chat about this build and some of the things u should do with it to make it funner and good for party suport just let me know i will chat with u a bit ingame about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombalo View Post
    Greater Rage with all the rage AP taken gives you a +10 bonus to rage (uses 10 AP though).
    thanks bombalo, ill calculate it now:
    20 Heroic Durability
    10 Draconic Vitality
    168 Barb Level 14
    80 Toughness Feats
    50 Barb Toughness IV
    50 Dwarven Toughness IV
    182 Con
    30 Greater False Life item
    14 Toughness Helm (mod 5 item)
    604 Unbuffed

    Double madstone rage makes that 660
    Combined with greater rage and enhancements - 730
    Rage spell makes 744
    Reaver buff (i think its 50hp) puts you at 794

    So the max hp you can get is 794 (except for those house d potions, maybe)

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