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Thread: Hey all.

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    Default Hey all.

    Ive been gone for a while but have come back to the game I call home. The only problem is My guild IS gone. To anyone that is recruiting please let me know in game or here. Slashmaster, Purplecursh, or Spec are my mains.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hey Gorgarr the Ripped Dragons are always looking for new Guild members either new player or old!

    Guild Page

    Guild Ad

    Heddar Dwarf Fighter L 17, Celidaer Elf Wizard L 17, Merinid Drow Bard L 16,
    Talimore Human Ranger L 5, Kuven Human Cleric L 3, Kopesh Warforged Barbarian L 4

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    hey skip its me blay... well i went over to oblivion when KK split up. doom went to united which is where i am also thinking about going. but we have a lot of friends in oblivion so it may be a good place to stay. catch me in game so we can talk about it. by the way... its good to have one of my friends come back...
    blayhill 14 cleric
    shayon 11 wiz
    thundar 4 barb
    litchking 13 fight
    litchlord 5 wiz
    litchsong 1 bard

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    Hey Gor,
    Welcome back! While we recently have had a big influx of good players from the server merge, it is great to have one of the original G-Town (or G-Spot) regulars back.
    Fellowship of the Bling is always looking for some great players (God knows we need some ) and I always remembered you as skilled, laid back, and generous. Look me up in game if you are interested.


    Welcome back bro


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    Default Welcome Back

    Heya Gor. Glad to see you back. I started a new guild recently... haven't started recruiting yet because I'm still developing the guild website, but you are welcome to join if you'd like.

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    Welcome back! The Lifetakers and Heartbreakers ( welcome players who are interested in ensuring this game is the most fun possible. We will accept any player who is committed to having fun (this is a game, after all), is dedicated to teamwork, and understands that real life (you know, that LARP we play when we're not playing DDO... ), alas, must come first.

    I truly hope you find a guild that is right for you - I believe the right guild makes all the difference in the world. The friends I have made in L&H have kept me in this game 3-5 nights a week for the past year and a half...

    Good luck and glad to see you back. See you in the streets of Stormreach!
    Founder & Guild Leader, The Circle of Night (Ghallanda): Daerius (FvS), Branwynn (Brd), Fahrn (Pal), Khrandok (Bbn), et. al.The Circle of Night on Ghallanda recruits "uncommon men and women" to our guild ranks. Only mildly elite. Inquire Within...

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