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    Default Where Zen Ends (Ghallanda) is recuiting..

    The newly formed Where Zen Ends is looking for new people..

    Do you like to have fun??

    Be apart of a great group of players??

    New to Stormreach or a seasoned veteran??

    Causal player or hardcore gamer??

    Please sign up and join..

    We are looking for players that like to have fun and willing to be loyal to your guild mates and not afraid of asking questions.. Girls are welcomed as we do have quite a few..

    We are a type of guild willing to take on anything even if the group is not made correctly. We have players that push the enevelope all the time while still having fun and helping old and new players out the quests and obtaining the loot you need..

    We do Raids but not all the time but will run them if we get enough intrest. Also, we do loot runs and such for all you loot mongers

    So if you think you fit in to our little guild then sign up by sending me a PM or catch me in game.. Thanks for your time..

    Deadlydaph Leader of Where Zen Ends
    Check out our website aswell..
    Ghallanda Server: Latanya Lvl 16 Drow 8 Rgr/8 Rog / DeadlyDaph Lvl 16 Halfling Wiz / Bellissa Lvl 16 Human Clr / Deadlyshego Lvl 16 Halfling Duel Weilding Dex Ftr / Helvhug Lvl 11 Dwarf Pally / Eyecandi Lvl 3 Halfling Monk / Dawnelle Lvl 7 Halfling 6Rgr 1 Rog / Gwennie Lvl 4 Drow Sorc

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    Ghallanda Guild Keepers of the Asylum & Plague -[ Beowulfs 14 fighter/3 pal / 3rog Drow]

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    Default What??????

    No mention of the nekkid dancing???? For shame!!!
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