I am sorry,
I had no intention of treating you like a charity case. Forcing you to
feel obligated..
I see my mistake...lol...a little late.

I was grouped with my guild...(anytime we have 2 or more of us in
group...well! it ends up a guild group)
and I noticed I was unusually taxing on the cleric/sorcerer/bard.
Being a 4th level sorcerer with limited spell availability or a 5th level
rogue with issues or a 2nd level warforged barbarian with supply issues,
I occasionally have a problem with the "sit back and let everyone else
handle it" mind set...

I can't do it.

I have to nuke, I have to back stab, I must take all the agro
(respectively)...therefore...I must die.

Healer types from outside the guild do not understand this.

My warforged was told last night, after handing our 4 wands to the
outside guild casters and 4 to the guild caster...gotta keep my bros
stocked...gota get some hjeels!


...I was told that the presents (ok, my bad) I had given them, were for
after battle and between battles only...

I had pots. I was good with that...but...um...I give stuff with the hope
that they will not be stockpiled and saved for a later date. I give things
to be used (was not the only WF in the group)... to alleviate some of
the cost of grouping with me... to stop forcing you to use your SP on


Since, when I logged in an alt to buy the mass quan of wands, I bought
a bunch of potions, I used said potions and rarely needed the
wandage.... and felt much better for it...but did you have to treat me
like a punk!....DUDE!

If I give you stuff before a quest I hope that at least 75% of the gifts
will be used.

If I give you stuff for a quest in progress, 50% is for repayment of
services already delivered and 25% for expected expenses.

If I give you stuff after a quest because...I suck...I was out of
money... forgot to gift you before hand...I was ill prepared and it is a
gift...gratis...cause you were cool and overlooked my oversight...and
your uberness kept the quest going.


Never try to repay me.

Never try to give back...

What I give is not returnable!

And offering me a bloodstone...well...nice, but unnecessary!