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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkwolf View Post
    Yes, Favor is per character. They each have to do the quests seperatly and do not have a 'comman pool' for total favor.

    Once you 'unlock' Drow or 32 points, however, it is unlocked for your account. YOu can delete and reroll all of your toons including the one you unlocked it with and roll new drow/32 point chars instead. (Each server must be unlocked seperatly.)
    Wow that is great! If I have done EVERY mission that was active at release on one character. How much favor will I have? Or.. is there a website that lists favor per mission?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Impaqt View Post
    OK, Check the ranger forum for my 28Pt Human tWF SOloist build.. It came out rather nice....
    Thanks! Checking it out now!

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    I will have to work out some of the finer details on it, but I am working on a strength based TWF character myself. Paladin 3 / Fighter 4 (or 5) / Ranger 6 (or 7). I have not decided what to do with the last level, but I am pretty sure I am going to go with Fighter because when Mod 6 drops and level cap goes up to 16 I will be able to go up to Fighter 6 and get two feats at 15th. The concept, not finalized, is designed around wielding Long Sword in one hand and a rapier or dagger in the other. With the 6 fighter levels at 15 it would give both Piercing and Slashing Weapon Focus and Specialization, along with both Piercing and Slashing Improved Critical. Right now, the build would have a base of 20 str without any tomes assuming a Human with starting 16 Str and 16 Dex (for dex).

    Like I said, working out the kinks in the system but I will be trying this out pretty soon (as my first real diversion from Warforged characters).

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    UGH.. I have about 1500 total favor BUT spread across three players

    Oh well!

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