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Thread: Solo Reaver

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    Very cool.

    That's motivating. Perhaps I'll give it a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDwoods[TeamATi] View Post
    Has anyone had any luck doing this on their wizard?

    I'm a bit intimidated by my lack of SP and HP.
    I solo it with my wizard islewitch when I get bored she is 1rogue/13wiz so she has the umd to heal herself. things like falselife and protection from electricity a few other buffs and a little bit of debuffing make it possible for a wizard. I dont know many sorcs with bestow curse crushing dispair and other debufs that you can through at the reaver to get his to hit cut by about 12 and dammage down by about 7 add a little bit of armor and shield (i get my wiz up to 44 ac and debuffing his to hit by 12 gives me an equivelent ac of 56 that is not to shaby add displacement and he hardly hits you)
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    Default compelled to post...

    i dont like to interject within a thread, but in this case i am compelled. You guys all seem to know each other so i hope this post will not come off as to much of an intrustion cause i kinda feel like a guy butting into a conversation as I walk by.

    That said, ("Here ends the disclaimer" - hehe) I must say that it was so refreshing to read this thread. I hit the forums from time to time and each session ends the same way; I finally can no longer take the hostility and close the window with no desire to return any time soon.

    It seems the majority of the forum's content is berating and insulting devoid of common decency in the manner which these people talk about the opinions and ideas expressed by others. (then again maybe i just spend to much time on the marketplace forum)

    This thread is none of these things, and I say cudos to the authors. Maybe I will be lucky enough to end up in a group with one or more of you someday.

    b cool
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