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    Exclamation beware waterworks

    Last night most gencon ddo-ers learned that freeing arlos is not worth the required drinking of “the waterworks
    A drink that is almost beyond description… but I will try

    Think of a fishbowl left to grow that dark greenish slimy.. Well I think u can picture it..
    However the blue vial was nice and ‘pur-tee’
    I hope that next year no one will attempt to free arlos .. I mean if he can’t STAY free after all the times we have saved his bacon.. Then he just needs to stay with those kobolds!
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    OOoh yes, trust me we got some good pictures of 'waterworks' hehehe gimme a bit to throw up the pics lol
    Thank you all!
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    I thought the WaterWorks was quite tasty, even though it looked liked you put your glass in the murky ooze/water of the waterworks.

    I only worried about it when it started to solidify.

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    Default The Waterworks

    Here is a picture of the Waterworks next to ghallandia distillate.. Notice I have not yet made it to the point of:

    You may not leave the table until you Free Arlos! (aka.. half way done.. lol)

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