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    Question high dps archer builds

    I've always loved to play archers in every rpg i've ever played. I woulld greatly appreciate any builds/advice and help that members have for maximizing the damage output and surviveability of a primarily ranged dps character. I'm looking for all kinds of builds, i've been away from ddo for awhile exploring other mmo's and have decided that i like ddo the best so far even though i've never progressed to far in the game. I need 28 point builds, drow builds( i love drow) and wouldn't mind seeing some 32 point builds for me to explore later on.
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    I've got you on my build list and I will do my best to satisfy your request..

    However, I've got to warn you that the very best ranged DPS build possible will not be as good at DPS as a middle of the road melee character. There are two reasons...

    #1: the attack speed on ranged attacks is much slower than melee
    #2: Ranged attacks don't get extra BAB attack bonuses like melee attacks do

    Not to say ranged attacks are useless, most of my characters have a decent ranged attack skill and invested in it to some extent. But it is somewhat situational and raw damage numbers just arn't going to look impressive compared to melee builds. None the less I'll be doing my best to make the most potent ranged attack character I can concieve of for you.
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    My first character and still my current main is my fighter archer build. I love it, pretty much the best ranged dps you can get mixed with good AC and decent melee ability.

    Like Sigtrent says, ranged dps won't be the most damaging full time, so it's always good to have a ranged dps character that can pull out a sword and board and hang with the fighters up close. Ranged DPS is purely situational, I use it when soloing, pulling mobs from afar to the group, and using many shot with improved precise to take down hordes of enemies in a few seconds.

    I started out with a 8ftr/2rgr then 10ftr/2rgr then added 2 levels of rogue for umd and evasion. You could take rogue first level for a skill boost but because I didn't originally plan on rogue levels, I didn't.

    28 Point
    Lawful Good
    10 Fighter/2 Ranger/2 Rogue

    STR: 16
    DEX: 18
    CON: 12
    INT: 10
    WIS: 8
    CHA: 8

    26 STR (+2 tome, +5 item, +3 enhancements)
    28 DEX (+2 tome, +5 item, +3 enhancements)
    18 CON (+1 tome, +5 item)
    14 INT (+4 item)
    14 WIS (+6 item)
    8 CHA

    1. Ranger: Point Blank Shot
    2. Ranger
    3. Fighter: Dodge, Mobility
    4. Fighter: Shot on the Run
    5. Fighter
    6. Fighter: Weapon Focus: Ranged, Weapon Specialization: Ranged
    7. Fighter
    8. Fighter: Improved Critical: Ranged
    9. Fighter: Many Shot
    10. Fighter: Greater Weapon Focus: Ranged
    11. Fighter
    12. Fighter: Precise Shot, Improved Precise Shot
    13. Rogue
    14. Rogue

    My current enhancements at 14 are:
    Elven Dexterity 2
    Elven Enchantment Resistance 2
    Elven Melee Attack 2
    Elven Ranged Attack 2
    Elven Ranged Damage 2
    Fighter Armor Mastery 2
    Fighter Flanking Bonus 2
    Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy 1
    Rogue Sneak Attack Training 1
    Rogue Dexterity 1
    Fighter Strength 3
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