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    Default Dwarven Damage Burster (THF DPSER with Traps)

    My attempt to make the dwarven marks useful. Strategy is before every big fight you lay down all of your dragonmark uses in one spot. You then train the boss or pack of monsters around so that they hit the motherload.

    Dwarf 13 Fighter/1 Wizard (taken at level 3)
    S 18 + levels
    D 14
    C 16
    I 12 (jump & balance with either spot or listen to tab to unseen targets)
    W 8
    C 6

    1 least dragonmark
    3 empower spell
    6 lesser dragonmark
    9 greater dragonmark
    12 toughness vs greater two handed fighting
    1 two handed fighting
    2 weapon focus slash
    4 weapon spec slash
    6 improved two handed fighting
    8 improved crit slash
    10 power attack
    12 greater two handed fighting vs greater weapon spec slashing
    1 maximize spell

    Fighter Toughness IV (10) if you don't take greater 2HF
    Dwarven Toughness IV (10) if you don't take greater 2HF
    Dwarven Axe Attack II (6)
    Dwarven Axe Damage II (6)
    Extra Dragonmark IV (10)
    Dwarven Spell Defense III (6)
    Wizard Fire I (1)
    Wizard Lightning I (1)
    Item Defense I (1)
    Fighter Strength I (2)
    Critical Accuracy I (1)
    Total 54 out of 56 accounted for.
    You have 20 extra action points to work with if you don't take toughness (and 116 hp less), for beefing strength, etc.

    9 least fire traps: 1d4+14 = 16.5*9 = 148.5
    7 lesser glyphs: 5d8 = 22.5*7 = 157.5
    6 greater glyphs: 7d8 = 31.5*6 = 189
    Total = 495
    Maximized & Empowered = 495 * 3 = 1485
    Wizard Enhancements (10%) & Superior Potency 6 (50%) = 1485 * 1.6 = 2376 (many reflex saves for half) DAMAGE, finish with your two hander!

    Note: Resists will cut down significantly on the overall damage (resist 30 fire and resist 30 lighting would drop the total by about 660, so ~ 1716 damage before saves). Evasion will also significantly lower the damage. In a lot of cases the damage will be overkill anyway.

    Alternatively you could do 1 Barbarian/12 Fighter/1 Wizard if you are like me and love being fast.

    A pure wizard/sorcerer (a sorcerer would have significantly higher DCs) could potentially get 1485 * 0.3 (445.5) extra damage plus crits but I figure the feats are more important for a wizard/sorcerer than for a fighter.

    I've only tested this at level 1 (works fine) and the fire traps appear to last a very long time. I haven't tested it with glyphs.
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    I was thinking a problem with this build is actually your DCs. I believe dragonmarks are charisma based, so at high levels you are going to drop your damage to below 1200 against things without resists, and less than 600 against things with resists (assuming they make almost every save). That is still pretty decent against things without resistances, but a charisma build may be better for getting the most out of your marks.

    Dwarf 14 Bard Spellsinger (could add in 1 Sorcerer for extra mana and 10% extra trap damage, but personally I would prefer max song bonuses)
    S 14
    D 8
    C 16
    I 12 (perform, balance, jump, diplomacy, concentration, UMD, listen)
    W 8
    C 16 + levels, etc
    1 least dragonmark
    3 maximize
    6 lesser dragonmark
    9 greater dragonmark
    12 empower
    Time things so you fascinate anything that is left after they hit the bomb.

    I think the lost feats are too important for a sorcerer build. And I think that charisma based paladins are too gimped. So really a bard would be your only option.

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