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    Talking The Link Build

    Alright, just for fun i got the idea of a link, from zelda, build. What i wanted to accomplish was:
    1.) stay true to material
    2.) be fun
    3.) be effective
    I tried to use material from as many games as I could. I had a reason for each part of the build. Any assistence would be happily accepted. I'm not going for the most uber build ever, this is just to find link build. I have no intension on ever playing this build, though if someone eles does, go for it.

    The basic Idea i had was a sword-and-board meeler that is also good with a bow, has UMD, perform skills, and the whirlwind feat and being effective without forgoing the origenal material. I also want this to be sensible, so I limited top-end gear and went with a 28 point build. I guess a 32 pt build can either increase con by 2 or cha by 4.


    elf- he's an elf

    6ranger/6fighter/2bard- he seems to me to have a decent amount of ranger in him, and he meleees alot so some fighter. bard is from is music playing.

    str 16 + 2 enh + 4 item + 3 lvls + 1 tome = 26 str- he's strong
    dex 16 +4 enhs + 4 item + 2 tomes = 26- he's fast
    con 12 + 4 item = 16- i've never found him to have a huge con, though he is still a meleer
    int 14- need to be smart for thoose puzzles
    wis 8 +4 item = 12- more for ranger spells then anything really
    cha 10 + 4 = 14 cha- UMD

    1-dodge- link is good at dodgeing blows
    (2)fgt1-weapon focus: slash- he always uses longswords
    3-mobility- he does tumble often
    (5)fgt2-spring attack- required for whirlwind
    6-combat expertise- he's good at defenses
    9-imp. crit: slash- he focuses on longswords
    (10)fgt4-weapon spec.: slash- he focuses on longswords
    12- skill focus: UMD- he has been shown to use magic items without having magic abilities himself
    (14)fgt6- whirlwind- the classic link whirlwind attack

    max UMD
    focus rest on perform, tumble, balance, hide, and move silent

    13 BaB
    8 str
    5 weapon
    2 elf enhancement
    1 focus
    4 greater herosim
    1 haste
    1 bard song
    -5 combat expertise

    Attack damage:
    +5 weapon
    +2 weap spec
    +2 elf enh
    +8 str
    +3 bard song
    1d8 + 22 dmg

    10 base
    7 dex (8 if you can find +5 mith chain shirt, then you can drop the fighter armor mastery)
    9 +5 chain shirt
    7 +5 heavy shield
    3 shield of faith potion
    1 haste
    3 barkskin potion
    3 chattering ring
    1 dodge feat
    44 ac
    5 combat expertise
    2 shield of faith from cleric
    2 barkskin from ranger
    4 paladin aura from paladin
    2 blocking
    1 holding a parrying weapon

    17 ranks
    3 delera's tiem
    2 cha
    4 gtr hero
    3 feat
    3 ranger skill boost


    Fighter Attack Boost II
    Ranger Skills Boost II
    Bard Extra Song I
    Bard Inspired Bravery I
    Bard Inspired Damage I
    Bard Lingering Song I
    Elven Dexterity II
    Elf Melee Attack II
    Elf Melee Damage II
    Elf Ranged Attack II
    Elf Ranged Damage I
    Fighter Armor Mastery I
    Fighter Critical Accuracy II
    Fighter Item Defense I
    Bard Perform I
    Bard Tumble I
    Ranger Dexterity II
    Fighter Strength II

    level set-up:
    alternate between ranger/fighter
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