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    Default PermaDeath Guilds?

    I am looking for a PermaDeath guild that is willing to teach/mentor someone new to that play style.

    Who is out there?
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    I would be willing to help you. Ill be playing with/for Mortal Voyage. The rules are for the guild are posted right here in the guild match up. If you want you can set up a time for us to get you started.

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    I played with Sublime of Thelanis, and Extreme Explorers of Sarlona. They are both very nice guilds and I'll be back to visit them from time to time. I started Mortal Voyage because I wanted stiffer no-twink rules and a more "Paper and Pencil" style play. Check out all three as the rules are different. If you decide you like the MV rule set, we'll make sure you get an invite. It's a new guild but interest is good and things are starting to get rolling.
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    I've got links to four permadeath guilds in my sig, I'm sure that if you let them know you're new to it members from any of those guilds would help you out.

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