Hello people,

As the title implies, I am looking for a group of players (or many) to set up some static groups for raiding.

Before you start thinking (or writing) that I should join a guild, etc... don't bother, I have A LOT of excellent friends on Legacy of the Brotherhood as well as many other guilds, but still I have the problem of having 6 characters ready for the Reaver Raid, which that cause that other people cant keep up with my raiding habits.

This being said, if you like to run this raid many times and of course, you have more than one character ready for this Raid AND you dont have a problem joining a party of people you barely know, let me know, we cna work something out.

I already have identified some players but even that we can do this with few people per run it's always better to have more players for this.

Thanks for reading.