I am the primary officer (and sometime guild lead) for Knights of the Dragons Claw. Hail and well met!

About us:
*We have a very small roster of players with a passion for alts . I am really the only member active on a daily basis, though our founder (and once-again guild lead), Star, is on frequently.
*We carry a small Tuesday night static(ish) group that is currently level 17.
*I carry toons that currently range from 8 to 24.
*I'm seeking members that are active during any hours of the day. I would ultimately love to have enough active members to host weekend Raid groups and be able to find a group comprised mostly of guild members most days of the week.

About you:
*You don't have to be awesome at the game...you don't even have to be good at the game, but you should have a good attitude while playing the game.
*You do not need to be into TRing
*If you ARE into TRing, that's great as well (I am)
*Leave any semblance of elitism at the door. Not everyone cares to farm gear or sweat every detail of the build. There's room for all of us in the game.
*You are helpful to newcomers and don't mind when new players make the inevitable mistakes that will "cost" you 10 percent of your xp. Teach them where they went wrong and help them to grow as players rather than complain about your lost xp.

If you are interested in growing as a player in a friendly guild, please feel free to email my main, Belvynh, on Khyber and I will be happy to add you to our group.