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Thread: A lost bard...

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    Smile A lost bard...

    Hello operator.... operator? Yes I need to reach the Aerenal server... What do you mean there is no listing?!

    That's impossible... look again please. Yes thats Aerenal with an "A". Of course I'm sure!

    Still nothing... this is the DDO operator isn't it? What do you mean these aren't the droids I'm looking for... Who is this?

    Ok listen then forward me to it last known address... Oh you found a forwarding address... fine that's fine put me through to that. What's a Sarlona? Where is that?

    Hello? is anyone out there? I just wanna play...
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    Default Please hold.

    Catchy music begins to play in the background before a recording begins.

    "Hello, welcome to the Sarlona server. Please make your selection from the following list:

    "Please press 1 for a guild listing.
    "Press 2 for roleplaying teams.
    "Press 3 for ingame assistance.
    "Or press 4 for any other inquiry you may have.
    "If you require the list to be said again, please hold and the message will replay."


    Welcome to Sarlona I'm sorry to see the servers disappear but then we ain't the Sarlona we were before either now, infact, now we are stronger with more friends about

    If you need any help, just ask

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