Twilight Avengers is coming to Khyber. I know that most of you are happy where you are, but if you're looking for a change check us out. We are a power-gaming guild that focuses on teamwork and efficiency. TA is medium sized, with a hard cap of 60 players (5 sections of 12 each). All players are active, it is a guild requirement.

What Twilight Avengers offers:
- Raids. A lot of them. Several times daily.
- Scheduled events, so that you can plan DDO around your life.
- A large guild base of experienced, well-equipped, knowledgeable players that are committed to excellence.
- A guild organization and structure that has proven successful over 6+ years in 6+ MMO's. Twilight Avengers is much more than what you see in DDO.

What we look for:
- Players that work as part of a team.
- Players that value commitment and organization.
- Players that want to be the best.

What we require:
- Level 11 minimum. (Lower levels may join our alt guild -- Twilight Defenders -- until they reach the minimum level requirement).
- Commitment to your main. You are welcome to play alts, but your main should be your best equipped, most capable character.
- Must be willing to at least listen to guild chat over Ventrillo. (If you don't know, like I didn't, it's a separate voice program that doesn't restrict you to only listening to your group).
- You must read the TA Forums. There are periodic (once every couple months) check-ins to make sure everyone is active.

If you are interested, check out our Membership Application Forum. Cross server transfers are welcome. More information is available from the TA DDO Main Page.