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    Reality...hey come visit sometime!

    Thumbs up Three cheers for Ghallanda!

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but we seem to be the only server who was able to handle the merger without having any giant grief-fest on the forums. To be honest, I have only once had a group even bring it up, and that was mainly because one of the members had the server tag on his name. Even then, it was more out of curiosity as we had 3 guilds represented in the PUG.

    I think it says a lot about the relaxed style we have. Sure we can take the game seriously enough to be good at it, but it sure seems like we all understand that everyone is here to have fun.

    Well done folks.

    Having fun every day and happy to have all the new people to run with.

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    Default Not sure I like this new merge

    I've been stuck in the loding screen one to many time for my liking. Tonite, The hold party had to do a ctrl/alt/del to finish. The when I tried to log in again I could not.

    Hope it gets better....

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