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    Default My build after all your advice

    I have posted many questions and read many topics in this forum lately, and i have decided to reroll my wizard after reaching lvl 8 with him. Ill post my new build and u can tell me if im focusing too much in 1 direction or i have any major flaws. I have no tomes at my disposal. My highest toon is only lvl 10 and i dont know the highest enhancement item but i think its 6.

    Drow lawful neutral

    dex-10 +6 item= 16
    con-14 +6 item= 20
    int-20 +3 leveling +3 ap +6 item= 32
    wisdom-8 +6 item= 14

    I will put skill points into jump, con, balance, and whatever else i see fit.

    For ap ill go down the fire/cold line, wizard int, concentration, spell penetration and a few into force/repair. I don't have the list memorized so ill jus put whatever into what needs fit.

    Feats: Im not 100% sure u put down the right # if feats, if i put 1 too many id drop improved mental toughness.
    I don't know if up to lvl 14 u get a 4th metamagic feat but if i do it will be empower
    mental toughness
    improved mental toughness
    sf: necromancy
    gsf: necromancy
    spell penetration

    I think my hp at lvl 14 will be around 70con+30improved false life+50 base(idk base just guessing)=150 +20 false life and +14 rage=184

    I will be planning on buffing a fair amount pluss throwing around fod and pk. In large mobs i will throw down some fear to make them vulverable for a firewall.

    im not going to bother with saves.

    Ty in advance for any input and for anything i missed in posting my build (first one)
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