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Honestly, I think the build makers have been doing a pretty good job of classifying their builds - X is a great build for a new player, Y is a great build that requires no raid loot, Z is a build for someone who has unlocked drow favor, W is an uber build that requires significant raid loot.

As long as they're well-classified, I don't see what the problem is.
This works, but I don't ever see it. I see:
"Turtle Build, no raid gear"
Then after reading it (Because I have a real interest in it) The thing has EVERYTHING Except raid gear!
OMG! A tome of each Stat?!?
+5 Mith of everything armors/shield?

Ok, maybe there is no raid gear, but this is certainly nothing an average person could ever aquire. Even if he/she saught out Plat farmers and bought their ill gotten goods, they still would sit the AH for months trying to get all the equipement.

I just like to see realistic builds, that the masses can do. Not some 10-12 hr per day players idea of how great they are for all they have to make a gimped character viable.

Its just a peave of mine I guess. Its like almost lying, but not quite...