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    Arrow Thelanis Thursdays

    Thelanis Thursdays
    The Night When RPers Reign

    I thought this might help out the players to have an 'organized' roleplaying night. A scheduled/set night that covers the following bases:
    • RPing guilds looking to fill out their in-character groups/raids
    • Help new roleplaying arrivals to the server connect with other roleplayers for in-character fun in the dungeons and around the city
    • Existing unguilded RPers to satisfy their roleplaying itch
    • Players who typically are OOC in game to try out roleplaying in the game
    • Players who are in non-roleplaying guilds to go take a spin in in-characterness for a 'break' from all that power gaming and grinding


    Step 1 - On Thursday nights (Get it... Thelanis Thursdays?), log into a character that you plan on roleplaying with. Some folks maintain one character they RP with, and one they don't. Others just have nights they RP and don't with one character or many. However you do it, load in that character.

    Step 2 - Either
    A) Make a group and in your LFM message put "Roleplaying - In Character Run Only" or something of that nature so that other players KNOW up front that you are roleplaying that night.
    B) Put a note on your /who that lets people know you want to Roleplay that night

    Step 3 - If you're not yet in the dungeon or in group, interact with others around the city. Don't get down if another player doesn't take well to your rping with them... they might be new to the game or not in the mood to roleplay. Just move on to interact with the next player.

    Optional Step 4 - Permanently or Temporarily modify your Bio to include the word (Roleplayer) in your bio so that when people inspect you, they can readily see that you are someone who will interact with them in character. This will help you as well, when you walk up to another player and inspect them, you can check their bio for the word 'roleplayer' to get an idea ahead of time if they'll be receptive to your in-character fun.

    Step 5 - On your downtime between quests, grouped or ungrouped, visit the RPing hot beds:
    The Phoenix Tavern (located in the market next to the bank)
    The Market
    The Harbor

    The Phoenix has started to become a popular 'hang out' for the roleplayers, but be warned, there IS a PVP arena within it, and be prepaired for a certain amount of rowdy behavior revolving around that by non-rpers. Not in the mood to put up with the PVP antics? A nice back up tavern to roleplay in is the Rusty Nail, also located in the Market.

    Step 6 - Enjoy the storytelling, the character development, meeting new roleplayers, and all the fun antics!


    Group Leaders:
    - Just because you put a message in your LFM doesn't mean everyone always bothers to read it. There are players who just want ANY group they can get. When a name pops up in your que as someone who wants to join your group/raid, send them a tell first and try to interact with them in character, or at least speak with them out of character and let them know: this will be a roleplaying run. If one doesn't stay in character, you will drop them from the party. You don't have to be mean about it, just make the player aware. If the reaction you get is 'huh what are you talking about?' then they probably aren't going to mesh well with your rping group. Some players can be in character 'enough' to not detract from your experience, and that is all that is needed. Let them be warned that if they 'zerg,' if they spend all their time talking ooc or giving spoilers, etc, you will not tolerate it, and you are not afraid to reform the party.

    - Have an idea of what you want to do when you start your quest. You might not know the specific quest, but at least be aware if you were planning to get XP, favor, loot or all three. Maybe you're flagging for the dragon? Maybe you just want to explore new content. All of this can be done, and in character, but it will go a LOT easier for you if you start your rping group with a game plan in mind ahead of time!

    - Don't discredit 'odd' group combinations. Just because you don't have a cleric doesn't mean you can't pull off a quest/raid. Try combinations like:
    • Multiple bards or healing spec bards
    • Groups with a LOT of crowd control
    • Groups with a high damage-per-second
    • Try doing those quests on normal or hard instead of elite
    • Try doing a quest that the entire party is very familiar with (you'd be surprised how much fun those 'old' quests are when suddenly you must present them in a very in-character way)

    - Try to stay in character from the get go as you invite new members into your party. You will have much better results if you set a good example

    - Check for players of the RPing guilds. Just because you don't see the appropriate level range logged in at the moment doesn't mean they don't have an alt that might not match what you're looking for! The following guilds are noted as having players readily available to RP with, and at all ends of the level spectrem:
    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Crimson Nexus
    Order of the Sword & Rose

    as well as some role players lurking in

    The Warforged Union
    Order of the Wolf
    The Sublime Permadeath Guild
    Infamous Flaming Vagabonds
    Umber Hulks
    The Exploration Society
    Blue Line
    and I'm sure many more who hide their inner rper for fear of gettin called names by the other power gamers (and I would appriciate a response from guild leaders of guilds who have pockets of rpers within them who would be interested in participating)

    - Keep a message in your bio that you are ready to roleplay. If you're not anon, put a player note on your /who that you are roleplaying that night. Look for groups with 'RPing' and 'Roleplaying' in the LFM.

    - I realize Thursdays seem to be a popular night to do raids on server. Remember that raids can also be done in character, and in a way, are even more challenging. Imagine trying to explain to someone IN CHARACTER about how to 'run the bases' in the dragon raid. Raids have been beaten entirely in character by full roleplaying raids, so don't think because you're roleplaying that it can't be done!

    - Don't expect all of the players to have voice chat to roleplay with. Some people are too shy to act out their character over the head set. Also, don't expect everyone to NOT use voice chat to roleplay. Some of us really enjoy rping over head set. It's a lot of fun to describe how you throw yourself in the path of a foe and another player etc, a type of rping that typing alone does not alot in the heat of battle. Don't discredit great story interaction that happens over headset. Just get a good consensus from the group on whether or not voice-chat rping will be or won't be ok.

    - Be patient if you've never tried in game rping before. Runs take more time because you're bothering to interact with one another. I find voice-chat rping groups move pretty fast because you don't bother to stop and type everything, but in groups where you're not able to do that, you must be patient. Not everyone types 90 words per minute.

    - Interact with the players and the world. The more into it you are, the more fun you will have, and the more other players will add to that fun! How boring is it to simply say 'I am tired, now I must rest. I have rested, now we must move on. There is a trap' compaired to the cool interactions you can have such as pondering what it is that those trolls are cooking, or why someone is terrified of water, or other interesting tidbits.

    - Be careful with your interaction! You might think it is the coolest thing ever to make a Barbarian who, when they rage, charges ahead and screams into the headset mic, then is required to sit down to recover from fatigue. Not every player is going to be tolerant of that (though a good rp group will roll with it and interact with each other on the down time). So just be weary of interaction that might purposefully slow down your group unless they're ok with it.

    - Be sure you clarify when you are speaking in and out of character. When typing, it is traditional to bracket anything spoken out of character between parinthesis. If using voice chat, simply say 'out of character' before you say what you were going to

    - When in doubt: ask. You wont know if something is ok until you ask your fellow players. I know it 'breaks the atmosphere' to as a question out of character, but it will save you a LOT of headache down the road!

    - ALWAYS remember to not mix up what is in character and out of character. If you're going to make a character who is a jerk, or has a short temper, or is bias against drow, etc MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR throughout the run that that is only your character, not you. On the opposite end of the table, make sure you regard the actions of other characters as the CHARACTER, not the player personally.

    - If you find the roleplaying is going in a direction you are not comfortable with, just be certain to address it as it is happening, don't wait until 3/4ths of the dungeon later to suddenly say 'hey I don't like it that you blah blah blah'

    - Keep the maturity level of your group in mind. Remember that there ARE children and teens who play this game, and some talk in rping is probably not appropriate for them. If you're going to joke around with adult subject matter in the roleplaying - be it ic or ooc - make sure you KNOW your group before just tossing that out among other players.


    Check back with this thread often for tips, updates, news, and other tidbits for the roleplayers on server. For the benefit of new and old roleplayers alike, I have added a running list of the DDO Podcast episodes that include advice about roleplaying, and a description on what that advice was.


    Visit to find the roleplay advice weekly segments of 'Ask Mer'lask.' If you're not interested in hearing the entire podcast episode (though they are a blast) to skip around to the 'Ask Mer'lask' segment, click on the 'download' rather than the 'listen' option so you can move forward and backwards in the episode.

    Episode 4 - (Clip occurs about a 3rd of the way in after the commercials)
    Advice concerning using vs not using voicechat in game for roleplaying.

    Episode 5 - (Clip occurs a little under halfway through)
    Running 'love stories' in game

    Episode 6 - (Clip occurs halfway through after "Tips with Marek")
    Roleplaying 'lingo' for beginners and definition of 'heavy' and 'light' rping

    Episode 7 - (Clip occurs a little over 1/3 the way in after the commercials)
    Advice on making evil characters in game as well as 'the originality' of characters and story ideas

    Episode 8 - (Clip occurs halfway in after commercials)
    How to form effective rping groups

    Episode 9 - (Clip occurs 1/3 the way in after commercials)
    Death in roleplaying

    Episode 10 - (Clip occurs 1/3 the way in after commercials)
    Dealing with players who try to force stories in a direction

    Episode 11 - Non-roleplaying related

    Episode 12 - (Clip occurs a little over 1/3, under halfway, after Xilo's quick tip and commercials)
    Young roleplayers vs older roleplayers

    Episode 13 - Non-roleplaying related

    Episode 14 - No segment in this episode

    Episode 15 - (Clip occurs 3/4 of the way through the cast)
    Playing characters who are the opposite of your real life gender

    Episode 16 - (Clip occurs a little under 3/4 of the way through the cast)
    Developing character backgrounds based on the setting

    Episode 17 - (Clip occurs 3/4 of the way through the cast)
    Tips on doing 'good' accents for voicechat rping.

    Episode 18 - Non-roleplaying related

    Episode 19 - (Clip occurs 1/3 of the way through cast after commercials)
    A "FAST Crash Course" in Eberron race settings, as well as where to find Eberron source material for your stories/characters

    Episode 20 - No segment in this episode

    Episode 21 - (Clip occurs 3/4 of the way through cast after commercials)
    Picking the 'right' server for you (pre merge) and tips on getting more into the game

    Episode 22 - non-roleplaying related

    Episode 23 - (Clip occurs under 3/4 of the way through cast after commercials)
    Roleplaying more than one character at one time, and against yourself even

    Episode 24
    Tips on how to make the most of your time in DDO

    Episode 25
    The Seven Deadly Sins - things you need to avoid doing in order to avoid killing your roleplaying experience

    Episode 26
    How to deal with 'god mode' and 'forceplay' players

    Episode 27
    A two part section about the server merger, and the definition/explaination of what roleplaying in-game is

    Episode 28 - Non-roleplaying related

    Episode 29
    How to deal with players who grief you when you're roleplaying

    Episode 30
    Final words of advice to roleplayers

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    Thank you all!
    INTRODUCING: Thelanis Thursdays (Sarlona Sundays now up and running too!)
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    "Ask Mer'lask" of DDO Podcast Roleplaying advice for the community

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