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Thread: Guil Recruiting

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    Default Guil Recruiting

    After much contemplation over the effectiveness of posting a guild recruiting thread……..

    We have a small guild consisting of 4 active members and are looking to recruit one or two more individuals into our group. Our guilds play style if basically getting through the dungeon as quickly as possible only stopping to shrine and open chest. So if you’re looking to explore, gather collectables or reaching conquest XP than we are not for you. We do the things that any typical power gamer’s guild does; ransack quest, raid and pvp.

    We are looking for members that play daily mostly during the evening and willing to show complete devotion for the guild. We prefer members to have reached 1750 and willing to possible create a new character to round out our “main” questing characters. We are currently looking recruits that like to play for Rogues, Bards, Sorcerers or Cleric as their main characters.

    We are also open to experianced players swaping servers or starting new on the Thelanis server.

    If you would like additional details on how we handle certain specifics such as how raid loot is handled please send me a PM.

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    Default Dude You Forgot Lol

    We are a band of brothers.....We are the elite.......We are the LAST HEROES Bi*ches!!!!!!!!.......Recognize

    AKA DEADLYY Device 14 capped barb

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