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    Default Who ordered the gal?

    Lag, I mean lag!

    Every group I was in last night had a bunch of extra lag. Not client lag ... 5-people-all-complaining-they-could-not-move-but-the-connection-was-green and suddenly-you-were-casting-spells-behind-yourself sort of gal. I mean lag!

    Being in the northeast I'm usually immune to most network traffic based lag. I normally blame Stiemey for everything, but he wasn't logged on last night. So who ordered this gal up? Can you give me your forwarding address?

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    Yep...been happening every day/night since they did the "fix" to help the lag after the merge. The two days after the merge, before this fix, I had very little least nothing more than what I saw on Tharashk. Now, I see the whole party freeze up in the middle of fights, private instances, and low populated public instances.

    And I have to agree with Friar on this one. It's not Client side. This is happening to every single member of a party simultaneouly. The only saving grace is that the mobs seem to lag, too...which means that the party isn't wiped in the 10 seconds for the lag spike to pass. Frustrating as hell, though.
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    Ditto on what the prior posters both said.

    Happening every night to everyone in the party, regardless of location, ISP, computer setup, etc.
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