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    Default Darkheart Guild

    Greetings, welcome to the opening of the new Darkheart guild. This new guild is run by my char. Leasha Darkheart in Argonnessan.

    As a requirement anyone aspiring to join this guild will have to make a new char. on my server. As an additional requirement your new char. must also be a drow, and their surname must be "Darkheart".

    As a Darkheart, you will be living proof of the great sorcerers and fighters deemed worthy of possessing this name. Along with my char. you to will be a descendant of a Darkheart. You will also gain access to any perks a guild mate would normally attain such as help from other guild members, new adventuring opportunity, a weekly guaranteed party spot. Plus a hand me down system starting with my own personal stash. Hopefully in time this will amount to quite a great number of items circulating our ranks.

    Of course you will be subject to an initiation of sorts, which will require only your time and none of your change. Any aspiring members may meet me in the marketplace from 5 to 8 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Here we will go over basic rules of the guild, details on the hand me down system, adventuring days, and general meeting times. I will be posting all updates of our initial encounters tomorrow and of any general meetings here in the forums.

    I look forward to seeing all that wish to join tomorrow, Leasha will be standing by the trainers when you first enter the Marketplace.

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    Default Update

    There seemed to be some complications with the meet up yesterday. Some of you were complaining that i did not post the correct time. Im sorry for the misunderstanding, i will now be posting times as GMT instead of my timezone. Sorry for the confusion, the next meeting will be on Tuesday, same place.

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    There is a guild dedicated to Surren Darkheart?
    Sweet! *Sniff* Surren is so proud

    I'm going to have to send one of Surrens avatars to Argonnessen and check this guild out.
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