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    Default Armadillo B.I.D.T. Bard Intimidating Defensive Tank

    My newest bard Armadillo 12bard/2rogue is what I like to call a B.I.D.T. BARD INTIMIDATING DEFENSIVE TANK.
    My reasoning is simple. I have made a successful defensive Paladin and in the past. His main problem is lack of offense. Yes I know that’s the point of a DEFENSIVE toon, but most will agree that a fighter, paladin, barbarian and ranger need to be HIGH DPS. So let’s leave the DPS to them. My other bards have all been finesse based. (Yes I have 3 active bards on my roster. I just get bored with the other classes.) This way I can have a decent attack bonus, wear robes, have a respectable AC and keep scroll failure to a minimum. These bards aren't bad at melee. Not DPS but very efficient with a rapier. Because I am not the main DPS my focus has always been else where. Stat damage, CC, healer, or buffer. Intimidating adds a little spice to my game. I can draw attention away from the others to try and decrease the groups bleeding. Plus it's easier to fascinate when they all come running to you. The rogue for 2 reasons 1) evasion, 2)full point of Intimidation per level. This is how I do it.

    STR: 13 --> 20 +1 TOME +6 DIVINE FAVOR CLICKIE
    DEX: 17 --> 28 +1 TOME, +3 ABILITY +1 ROGUE, +6 GLOVES
    CON: 10 --> 14 +4 ITEM
    INT: 14 --> 18 +4 ITEM
    WIS: 8 --> 12 +4 ITEM
    CHA: 14 --> 20 +2 BARD +4 ITEM +1 HUMAN +1 TOME

    No Uber loot

    Feats :
    Rogue Lvl 1 : Combat Expertise
    Human UMD
    Bard Lvl 3 : Weapon Finesse
    Bard Lvl 6 : spell focus : Enchantment
    Bard Lvl 9 : Toughness
    Bard Lvl 12: Improved critical: piercing

    I know extend is nice but I find it isn’t necessary at lvl 14.
    Toughness is a toss up for me I would rather have improved spell focus enchantment.

    As for enhancements I go with Human Versitility IV, Attack II, Damage III, Spellsinger to max UMD, Fascinate undead and constructs and a few others

    I choose spellsinger over warchanter because I have a robe of invulnerability. Which is great for me but doesn't help anyone else. I may switch out SF and Toughness for Power Attack and WF:Piercing. That’s why I started STR at 13.

    Skills : UNBUFFED
    Balance: 9
    Bluff: 2
    Concentration: 17
    Diplomacy: 6
    Disable Device: 16
    Haggle: 2
    Heal: -1
    Hide: 5
    Intimidate: 19
    Jump: 6
    Listen: -1
    Move Silently: 5
    Open Locks: 15
    Perform: 19
    Repair: 2
    Search: 19
    Spot: 3
    Swim: 1
    Tumble: 9
    UMD: 22 ->> 35 +3 Cha + 4 GH +3 SF + 3 GoldenCartouche

    AC :
    Base 10
    Dex 9
    Combat expertise 5
    Dodge 1
    Bracers 5
    +5 Heavy Shield 7
    +4 Protection 4
    Haste 1
    Parry weapon 1
    Barkskin 3
    Blocking 2
    Tensers transformation 1 additional to barkskin
    TOTAL 48

    Within the near future

    Human versitility +5
    +5 protection Item +1

    TOTAL 54 without a Paladin or halfling

    Add solid fog and displacement for a -2 to melee and 20% then 50% chance of miss and they’ll have a tough time hitting me. If they do I will be wearing my robe of invulnerability. And a heavy fort item from BAM. The Evasion will help with some spells. But will saves are gonna suck.

    I know it’s possible to get a higher ac, but this is what is in my inventory (minus the +2 favor tome).

    So tell me what u think
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    Default Hmm..


    I like the concept of a tough ass bard, but I don't agree with why you are doing it. If you want to help keep mobs off the party, why not just go with crowd control? It seems like you are sacrificing a lot on your design, for something any bard could do with a couple of spells. I hate to shoot down anyone's build but, if you want to make an intimidating tank, there are much better classes to do it with I'm afraid. If you want to make a bard that keeps the party alive, go for a strong CC/Healing background, which you can also add melee too. Check out my Sex Appeal build for reference.

    Booser McDrunk - 14 Bard

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    I would first like to thank you for posting a constructive response. In this post I would like to address a few of the issues you brought up.

    First, this build is primarily a buff / heal / bard that uses tons of scrolls (I like spending the PP) and likes to melee quite a bit. A bit of everything is why a bard suits me.

    The builds only real change other than a focus on intimidation say over diplomacy or haggle is a decrease in Cha for an increase in Dex. If I’m the only healer, then I’m healing. If not my goal is to take agro off the party. I am a huge fan of cc. I have two other bards that focus on cc. This build is a result of frustration from trying to play a true defensive tank. Like I stated before most expect a fighter or other melee class’s to produce damage not hold up a shield and draw agro. Even with agro drawn I can still cast due to my high ac and maxed concentration.

    The real beauty of this build comes into play after the initial cc is put down. Then as we know all to well someone jumps in the middle with a two hander, every fighter picks a different monster, or a caster hits the wrong clickie and smacks the mob with a soundburst. Result: initial cc is lost. I jump in and intimidate to redirect agro. These are situations that require instant cc. Otto’s dance party would help, in groups that don’t have a high will save, but it’s cast time is too slow.

    As with anything beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is not my main Bard just trying to add to the jack of all trades repertoire to break into the business.

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