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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowz7137 View Post
    After trying different things, what I got into most was Monk and quarterstaff.

    What I am currently thinking is a Henshin Mystic Monk 32 point first life. Any race but Halflings and Warforged (They look wrong to me.) Maybe some Rogue for Thief Acrobat? 1-20 with no tomes (Unless you count the favor tomes later down the road, those I can do). Human maybe? Think Dwarf would look funny as a Monk too.

    Thank you. And sorry if this post is all over the place, spent the last several hours going through forums. Bad idea on my part.
    I think that most stick builds are pure Henshin Monk 20, Rogue/Monk 18/2, or some 8/6/6 mix. Like here's a quick breakdown of an Aasimar Monk 20 that's part of a relevant Reddit post. Here's a fairly interesting thread covering a bunch of other options like Tilo's Sound Burst or 18/2 with Wizard.

    Do you own Falconry? It's very good for Monk-heavy builds, as it allows you to Wis-max very easily which makes everything simpler. You're also looking for a 1-20 build, so I wouldn't worry as much about builds that peak later (so definitely consider dipping a few Rogue levels etc).
    -Khysiria of Cannith
    Quote Originally Posted by zehnvhex View Post
    Warlock is basically a ghetto Shiradi Sorc. You gives up some of the damage and self sustain for the ability to just hold down left click and yolo blast your way to victory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnabel View Post
    It's DDO. There are probably 6 different types of Evil damage.

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    I need to ask, does Rogue work better than Monk for staffs? Thief Acrobat seems to be more pure staff, while Henshin Mystic feels more like staffs are an after thought. If that is the case, would either pure Rogue or Rogue with some Monk or Fighter be better?

    Or possibly even Fighter with some Rogue or Monk. Mixing Kensei with Thief Acrobat could have interesting results.
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